Sunday, July 15, 2007


I asked Manic Mom to remove 2 names from the hat. I expected maybe 15 entries. I had no idea that so many of you would want to enter my LOTTERY contest.
She let me hang out on the phone (ha ha) while she drew...and...the winners are...


I sent emails off to the lucky winners and asked them to send addresses so they get their stuff PRONTO!!!

Well that was fun.
We will do THAT again!

So about 17 more days to go until my first signing at BestSellers in downtown Honolulu.
What would you do?
What would you do while you waited for the release date of your first book.
Tell me.


Wendy Roberts said...

You'll do great at your first signing!!

At signings it's nice to have give-aways at your table too. Bookmarks etc. I also usually put out a bowl of candy and that's always a hit.

leatherdykeuk said...

What would you do while you waited for the release date of your first book.
Start / continue the next novel.

Kiskadee said...


See, I'm in Perry speak even before reading the book!
And now I can officially and truthfully say: I am a Lottery winner!

Thanks so much for doing this, Pat, thanks to you too Manic Mom, and I can't wait to get my hot hungry hands on the book!

David L. McAfee said...

Congrats to the winners!

What? No, I'm not jealous!


Maybe a little. :)

What would I do while I waited for the release date of my debut novel? You mean besides yank my hair out by the roots, chew my fingernails down to the bone marrow, and make an overall nuisance of myself everywhere I went by letting people know to watch for my upcoming release?

I dunno.

Maybe I'd relax for a bit.


Manic Mom said...

Before the release of my novel, I would go to the bookstores and let them know my novel is coming out, and that I'd be happy to come back and sign their stock when it's in, and then I'd go to the New Fiction and figure out exactly where my book is going to be placed.

Swishy is the one to thank because she officially chose the names!

Josephine Damian said...

OMG! It's me and Kiskadee! Congrats to Kiskadee for being a co-winner!

I was so busy on Manic's blog reading about Swishy (I finally figured out exactly what - who - "Swishy" is now) that I almost forgot to stop by here! lol

Pat, I'll send you my address in an email.

Much thanks to Pat and MM for holding the contest. Thanks Swishy for picking the names. Really looking forward to getting my goodie bag - and reading "Lottery" so I can write a review.

Jodi said...

I would open the Auugust 2007 Good Housekeeping to page 168 and stare at the "Book Picks" can gaze at your "Lottery" as a pick of the month. Then I would lay in the sun (to ensure good skin tone under some poor bookstore lighting) and whiten my teeth (so I flashed a bright smile as my readers).

Josephine Damian said...

Before the release of my book, I would borrow some Xanax from a certain blogger/myspace buddy because it seems like a really stressful, hectic time.

Pink said...

I'd buy a fabulous dress!

And I'd revel in the moment...congratulations, doll! This is wonderful...savour every moment.

PS In Honolulu there is always the pearl harbour museum...but I think I might take a day trip to Kuai (I can't spell) just to gander at the beauty.

I kindof liked the lu-ow (told you I can't spell) tho' its touristy, it was fun.

Demon Hunter said...

Congrats on your first signing, Pat. I know you'll do quite well. What to do while you wait? Have another contest for you potential readers; especially for people in the South---ahem! LOL!

The Anti-Wife said...

Eat chocolate!

ORION said...

OK so far I'm blogging, eating chocolate, writing my next novel... David my husband said I was a nuisance before!

Lisa R said...

Congrats to Kiskadee and Josephine! You'll love Lottery. If it were me and I was waiting for the release I'd be chewing my fingernails down to the quick and loving every minute of it.

March to the Sea said...

ahhh i didn't win..that won't deter me!!

Kimber An said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I just finished reading my ARC of Lottery a couple of hours ago. Could NOT speed-read it to save my life! I'll be posting my review of it this coming Thursday, July 19th, on my Enduring Romance blog.

One thing's for certain, reading Lottery during that special time of the month when I cry over dog food commercials reeeally magnifies the experience.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'd write my next book.

Gay said...

Practice signing your name.

I'm lifting weights to prepare for the number of copies (signed) that I will have to take home with me from the Maui Writer's Conference. When I told a good friend today that I was going, she asked if I knew anyone. I told her that my blogpal, Pat, would be there. Her next words were,

"The ONLY ONLY ONLY thing I want for my birthday is an autographed copy of the book. I'll even buy the book if you'll take it with you and have her sign it."

I think I'm going to be popular and my suitcase is going to be right at the weight limit.

ORION said...

Gay I will be doing signings for drinks the entire time at the Maui retreat and conference.
Currently I favor mohitos (sp) if you get me early enough - say 9 am- my signature will be legible.

Adrienne said...

I would eat chocolate, go see movies, and panic. And direct a play.

Wait, that IS what I'm doing.

Steve Malley said...

If the ants in your pants (I know they'd be in mine) make it too hard to write something else, try a different art form, something you can just do for fun. Painting, pottery, interpretive dance, the bagpipes. Whatever charges your batteries!

Good luck too, by the way!

Michelle O'Neil said...

I'd be getting a great haircut, maybe a pedi, and basking in my own coolness.

ORION said...

Good idea steve!!
michelle no coolness here!! it's 88!

Alley Splat said...

I'd be getting a manicure too and if I was givig a reading, practising it to make me less nervous... but you'll be great!