Wednesday, December 23, 2009


ORION sends you Holiday Greetings

Holiday and New Year's wishes for you:

1. May you only receive fruitcake if you genuinely enjoy eating it.
2. May you finish all your yearly seasonal cards before spring.
3. May you be at one with the Zen of the post office line and embrace the waiting as it is good for your soul.
4. May snow fall on you if you wish it to and not if you don't.
5. If snow DOES fall on you may you have the childlike desire to make a snow angel.

And may you get just exactly the presents you desire:

Like Tooloose

One can not have too many Alien Conjoined Space Monkeys can one?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


It never snows in Honolulu so we have to TELL our populace that it's the holiday season and not SHOW them...
A shot from the Christmas Light Parade on December 5.

All the people in the real world can look outside to bare trees, snow, and frigid temperatures and voila! You KNOW it's December and the holiday season...
As my husband's mother used to say when she woke up and opened the curtains:
"It's another GD beautiful day in paradise."

Whenever anyone finds out I'm a writer they ask "What do you write?"
And I say, "Stories."

And they say, "What kind of stories?"

And I say, "Well... not vampires, not thirty-somethings in NYC. I don't write about Zombies or sea monsters invading classic literature." (although I am sorta kinda thinking about "A Tale of Two Apocalypses." I even know the first line already: It was the worst of times and it was the worst of times...)

Anyway the person says, "So what DO you write?"

And I have to stop and think. "Well know. But not romance although people DO fall in love and um...not explosions or serial murderers or wizards."

And then the person's eyes just start to glaze over and they inch away.

Which may be a good thing. But I stand there all alone talking to myself.

"And I DON'T write about space ships or Alien Monkees or fairies or old ladies who solve mysteries using ESP or..."

And for your amusement:

So what don't YOU write about?
Inquiring authors want to know...