Saturday, September 30, 2006

Will blog for coffee

A chilly 76 in KoOlina Marina, at 6:30 Saturday morning. Coffee needs to be considered the second or third major food group right behind candy corn and maybe peeps. Let me clarify. August - October, it has to be candy corn and February - May, it has to be peeps. All those other times it must be Jelly Bellys.
Candy and coffee...enough about breakfast.
It was Friday night Pizza night last night. (That sentence can have three "nights" because this is my blog and I say so!)
Our neighbors B. and R. bring pizza which is TOTALLY WONDERFUL and from PIZZA BOB'S IN HALEIWA. My personal favorite is the Thai shrimp, but I am not particular. That is a shameless advertisement for my favorite pizza place.
We eat pizza and drink wine.
We eat salad and drink wine.
We whine and drink wine.
Oh yes, and we eat Kona coffee mud pie ice cream and drink wine.
So this morning when I get up it is difficult to evaluate how I am feeling as my floor is moving. This is not as dire as it sounds as I live on a boat and things move. I can always blame it on the swell coming into the harbor. I never blame it on drinking too much wine.
That is how my world works.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Veritas (baby horse) and Airborne at Dillingham Ranch
Christmas picture 2005

sv ORION our home
48 foot Celestial ketch

This is only the beginning...

Procrastination is the word of the day. Why add to my current work in progress when I can create a blog?