Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So how do you distract yourself when your book is coming out in three weeks?
You think about the ocean. That's what.

This eagle ray was skimming along the sandy bottom. He has a plan. A mission. Searching for edible crustaceans. Kind of like writers hunting for that perfect premise. That solid story.
Kind of like that.
Almost midnight and 83 degrees.
What am I doing up this late?
Writing of course. What else?
There are many important considerations when planning for a book release. First of all for the signing you have to get a really good pen. My trusty friend Holly Kennedy supplied just the perfect implement.

Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of yourself writing? I think this turned out quite well considering. This one has heft and a way cool feather on the end.

And lastly?
You have to collect fortunes.
Fortunes from fortune cookies.
I think that about does it.
Tomorrow I will talk about the details involved in planning and organizing book signings, book launch party and traveling to promote your book.
I would do it now but I am tired.
I have hand cramps from practicing my signature.


Kimber An said...

Great pictures, Pat.
Hey, everybody, we're going to have a Cyber-Launch Book Party for Pat over at my Enduring Romance blog on August 2nd. Gee, I hope I can get the mummy gunk cleaned out of the carpets from Michelle Moran's party by then.

Demon Hunter said...

I cannot wait to have cramps from practicing my signature---awesome, Pat! :*)

Manic Mom said...

I'm with Demon Hunter--I WANT HAND CRAMPS! Instead, I'm getting period cramps. No fun.

I also know Holly sent you the beautiful AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR stickers.

It killed me to do this, but I already lent Lottery to my mother-in-law. She and my own mom are the only ones I will share it with. I don't trust anyone else with an autographed copy! (I had to lend it to my MIL--my FIL just had back surgery yesterday so I know she'll be at the hospital feeling blue and the book would cheer her up!

ALso, I'm hitting the local stores here soon and will bring my camera in case of a Lottery sighting!

Anonymous said...

You must be so excited. Where will your first official signing take place?

ORION said...

My first official signing will be in downtown Honolulu on August 2 at BestSellers, on August 4 (Saturday) I will be at Bookends in Kailua. Those are the 2 independents here on Oahu. Sunday August 5 will be a catered party at the marina that is a mass invite - that night I fly to Portland for media on the 6 & 7 and a signing/reading at Powells in Beaverton at 7pm on the 8th and then the next morning I am off to Seattle for media on the 9th and an event at Elliott Bay Book Company on the evening of August 10th.
Rather than spend long amounts of time away I am doing short bursts.
I am all primed for my cyber-launch!!!!

Kanani said...

Super... just super, Pat. And I think the pen kinda fits, yanno? I mean, how did Holly know it'd be so you?

Maprilynne said...

I'm happy to know I am not the only one who collects fortunes! I used to carry the best ones around with me in my planner. Hopefully all of your come true!!

Lisa R said...

That's a great pen! I'm really looking forward to both book signings here in Hawaii. Can't wait and I'm going to bring as many people as I can.

Mia King said...

Oh, I love the pen. I think it suits you. Will you be taking it to signings everywhere? (i.e. the Big Island?)!

Enjoy this time, Pat! (though that goes without saying - you always do!)

Gay said...

Photo is AMAZING. I'm enjoying your journey.

The Anti-Wife said...

Great photo of the ray. At first it actually looked like an eagle flying in the clouds at sunset. Must be tired!

The pen is perfect!

Kanani said...

Too bad you didn't show them your feather boa, Pat.

Therese said...

Busy woman!

But think of all those frequent flier miles!

Is your feathery pen permanent ink? Ball point? It's very stylish, if a little 19th century. :) Holly's such a great pal.

Dawn said...

Had to chortle at the practising signature! That's what I did too, and it still comes out a bit different each time. And because it's different from my normal signature I keep getting muddled where I'm up to in my christian name!

But they're all problems that I'm delighted to have.

Holly Kennedy said...

The pen suits you, Pat.
And it's so.... official, dontcha think?!

Jess Riley said...

I am so excited for you my stomach just lurched a little.

That pen is magnificent.

billie said...

Fun to read that I'm not the only fortune collector - mine are taped to the inside of my laptop. :)