Wednesday, July 11, 2007



82 Degrees and 11 pm. I got a call from Channel 2 news. They'd like to do a feature on me.
Oh goody! I was all ready to go to a studio...not so fast...
When an author lives on a sailboat where do you suppose they want to do the interview?
You guessed it!
Aboard the boat!
The first thing I saw was the camera.
I started salivating. It was the largest camera I had ever seen.
I wanted it...

This is Ron Mizutani UBER JOURNALIST.
He was able to capture who I am as an author and what LOTTERY was all about.
How cool was that?
I tossed my head. Smiled. Fluttered my eyelashes. And when they left I collapsed from the strain of holding my stomach in for all that time.
It was exhausting.
I had to take a nap.
Then it was time to see me on TV. At this point I demonstrated by utter lack of sophistication.
I was lame.
How lame was I?

This lame.
I took a picture of me on TV.
It's true.
On the classic scale of nerditity.
It is a ten.
Another day chock full of adventure and fun.
Speaking of fun... A READERS GROUP CONTEST that is being held by my publisher!
Check it out...


Kim Stag was fat on TV said...

What fun! Being on TV is scary and a blast. I was interviewed about autism NINE MONTHS PREGNANT with my third. "Ah, can you use a special camera or lighting or something?" When you feel PASSION for your topic that's what shines through, Pat. I'm sure you beamed on TV, as I did, but in a much "bigger" (and I don't mean better) way! Mazel Tov! COME ON PERRY!

The Writers' Group said...

Pat, get used to it -- you're going to be everywhere in the next few months. And, no, you're not a nerd, just absolutely real. You have no idea how excited I am to read Lottery. Any chance we could get you to Boston?


Anonymous said...

I love it, exactly the way we should behave, with joy. I'm sure you recorded the event; is there anyway to post it to your blog? Maybe YouTube? I know all of us mainlanders would love to see it.

Manic Mom said...

I LOVE the fact that you took a photo of the camera guy! And LOVe that picture of the newscaster with his arm around you!

What I want to know is what they asked you? I'm sure you were great.

Here's the next thing--have you sent the book to Oprah? Lottery is a book SHE NEEDS on her list! And then, when she invites you to Chicago, you can stay with me, and I can go to the show with you.

(OK, Stephanie halts here suddenly...)

You won't be staying with me in my piddly little home... you'll be on Michigan Avenue in a penthouse awaiting the chauffer-driven car that Oprah will send to gather you up!

(Stephanie halts again, suddenly...)

Can you request a room with double beds--I can be in the city in half an hour!

*Here's to your first of many successful awe-inspriring interviews!*

sunjunkie said...

Woohoo, Pat! You look great! And you look... at ease. How'd you swing that? I'd have needed a whole case of sedatives. And then a puppeteer to move my mouth and arms.

I vote for rebecca's YouTube idea.

Manic Mom said...

Here's what a goof I am--I just went over to the Channel 2 Web site to see if maybe the interview was up there. Instead, I sent a note asking if your interview would be available to see on the website for us mainlanders!

Josephine Damian said...
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Josephine Damian said...

Yes, Pat, get used to those cameras - it won't be long before we can all watch you on the "Today" show - cue the TiVo.

You looked great - luv the talisman. I'm definitely getting a dragonfly pin for myself today - hopefully some good fortune will come my way.

Was in an indy bookstore on Main Street in Sarasota last night - no sign of your book :-(

Kanani said...

Dear Pat,
Thanks so much for the giant wall poster you sent in the mail. I especially like that you signed: "To my biggest fan," and I'm also impressed by the "I heart you" that you attached to the tail of the "t" on "d" on your last name.

I have it on my wall.
It's like having you with me. When the group meets on Saturday, we will raise our beer to you and say, "Cheers!"
All the time.

Lisa R said...

It was a great interview and I thought you did a really good job of seeming totally at ease. I'd forgotton about those braids! Great job and the first of many, many interviews.

ORION said...

KHON2 news has a service to save and email footage. If anyone is interested in seeing the clip -- email me at and I will send you the saved link.
It plays like youtube.
They interviewed and filmed for about an hour and a half for a three minute segment!
They even went down to BESTSELLERS and interviewed the store owner! (he was standing in front of a stack of my books!

Mystery Robin said...

You are hilarious! I LOVE the pic of yourself on the tv. That's fantastic. :)

I wonder... when the news crew shows up at a sailboat, is there the same mad rush of cleaning that goes on as if he showed up at my house? You seemed perfectly calm on that subject. :)

I'm e-mailing you right now for the clip...

M. G. Tarquini said...


Maprilynne said...

Whoo hoo! The first time I saw myself on TV (and I didn't even say anything!) I was so stoked! What a fun and exciting thing for you!

Kim Stagliano said...

Hey, Pat! When I said "not better" I meant ME not YOU - you got that, right? You will be BIGGER (in the good way) and BETTER. You have JUST the personality for interviews. They'll eat you up with a spoon and come back for more!

Mystery Robin said...

I just saw the footage. It's (of course) fantastic!! Pat's funny and articulate and there's some great footage of her in corn rows!!

And my 2 year old said "more please" when it was all done. ;)

ORION said...

ha ha ha ha!
That's hilarious.
"More please!"
That's what I said.
I found out it was replayed on this morning's news also.
You can google KHON2 and follow the link to "Local Author Goes National"
and play the telecast.
Keep in mind I got a phone call and had less than an hour to clean my boat and dress myself!!!!

Toddie said...

PLEASE -- taking a picture of yourself on tv MAYBE rates an 8 on the nerd scale. If you look GOOD on tv (which you did), then it slips down to a 6 or 5. To get a 10, you have to go to an appliance store, beg the manager to put on your segment, and then take a picture of yourself on 15 widescreen HD tvs.

ORION said...

That's brilliant!
I'll be right back...

The Anti-Wife said...

WooHoo! Can't wait until you collect your Oscar for best screenplay adapted from an original novel - or something like that.

Can totally relate to the holding the stomach in comment. Aargh!

Manic Mom said...

To make it easier for your fans, can I just put the link right here?

(If you don't want it here, just delete my comment!)

I LOVED the braids! And I also loved when you paraphrased Perry by saying, "That is so cool!"

And finally, I also LOVED that you said if you don't have enough rejections to wallpaper a room, then you are not a writer.

Guess what you've just confirmed to me? I AM A WRITER!
"That is so cool!"

Seriously gave me goosebumps!

Anissa said...

Wow, Pat! I'm sitting here beaming for you. How awesome is that?! Yay!

Love love loved the braids. :) Funny what they can dig up isn't it?

Congratulations! I'm with Manic Mom, it gave me goosebumps. So happy for you...

Zany Mom said...

Cool news video! I went to my Barnes and Noble but no Lottery yet. :(

Leaving on an RV trip on Tues and I'll be hitting up every bookstore en route looking for a copy!


Adrienne said...

OMG! I am so late coming to this post!! That is so cool Pat! Man, are you getting a copy of it? Will you be able to put it on your website?! I want to see it!

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm so glad that your first publication is getting so much publicity. I'm telling you, it's lightning in a bottle!

I know it only helps your career to have your face all over the place, but I just don't think I could do that. Horrifying thought, seeing myself on television. It's happened to me twice and I really hated it both times. Could have killed them, but there I was, deer in the headlights. At least it was just stock footage, because it was my boss that kept getting major television interviews!

Heidi the Hick said...


flutter eyelashes


toss head

hold in gut


I am taking notes here. Just in case.

Holly Kennedy said...

Oooooh, Pat, this is so great!
Leave this post up for a few days so everyone has time to see your first ever TV spot. Because, of course, there will be more. As I said to you today when my cell phone kept dying out of range and when I had ZERO access to a computer, I KNOW what's coming next.... A movie deal with Touchstone pictures and Dustin Hoffman signed to star as Perry.
Very wonderful stuff.
And I love the cornrows, btw!!!

Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations, Pat! You go girl! :*) You looked fabulous. And here's to many, many more television appearances as well! ;*)

Manic Mom said...

Dustin Hoffman's too old to play Perry; no offense to Holly. Plus, he was already Raymond in Rainman.

No, let's see here, how about you get some Ashton Kutcher in there for Perry, or maybe Luke Wilson if he can do a serious part. Or let's see, who's a 30-ish guy who can act these days, and is nice looking and won't say the EFFF word!?!?!?

Jake Glynnehall!?!? I don't even know the cool actors any longer.

Mia King said...

Oh, I love it. You are a natural!

Mia King said...

If you haven't seen this yet, you have to go to the website and check it out! Aside from her being just all around fabulous, there are corn rows. Pat in corn rows! Do you really want to miss that?

A great interview, Pat. Congrats!