Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Note: Thank you SARAH MILLER BOOKS for your kind words about

Another writer/author who has many facets to her/his personality/psychosis met/invaded our domain to visit/entertain/annoy Holly and I.
This writer/exconvict will soon be agented/back in jail.
Congratulations/condolenses in order.

The cheapest carnival ride not at a fair.
FIRST YOU pay and go through this VERY COOL turnstile:

You kind of feel like a race horse.
Then you go into your choice of a small metal box.
Ours was red.

This is where you feel like a sardine.
I went with mystery guest.

Thanks mystery guest.


Holly Kennedy said...

No fair! I missed riding on the subway. I was so bummed about it and Liza (my agent) rolled her eyes and shook her head at Pat and I when we talked about it.

Pat and mystery guest #1 had fun, though! Nice meeting you mystery guest. On Friday, we're having lunch with two more mystery guests. Such fun!

liz fenwick said...

Sounds like a fab trip :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat (Hei Pat)
I enjoy reading your blog. New York; cooooool!
We are going to Voss for the weekend, actually we will go this afternoon. Not NY, but still... Anyway - have a good time - let NY feel you're there!! ha ha...
(By the way: seen any more white mooses???)
Ha det bra

Anonymous said...

Ja, det var fra Bente så klart.

(Yes, the comment above was from Bente of course)

Demon Hunter said...

It sounds like you're having fun. Those subways look alot cleaner since I was there. When I was there they had a rancid odor. Perfume samples aided me in my hour of

Maprilynne said...

It's a mystery guest with pointy shoes. TWO PAIRS of pointy shoes. Hmmmmmm?:)

ORION said...

Fooled ya!
The pointy shoes are MEEEEE!!!!

Sarah Miller said...

You're so welcome!

I'm telling EVERYBODY, and have no plans to shut up any time soon.

Lisa R said...

I'm glad you are having a great time. Pointy shoes? Doesn't sound like you. Isn't the subway great? It was so easy to use and cheap. What a great combo.

Kim Stagliano said...

Wicked witch of the West? East? NorthEast? MidWest? Those shoes look like cruuuueeeeelllll shoes.... Fashionable, but ouchy!

Maprilynne said...

Aww man, Pat. I totally was fooled. I just couldn't imagine you in anything but comfy sandals.

However, now we have toenails to judge by.;)

Maprilynne said...

Wait . . . wait . . . man! The toenails are Holly. That's it--I'm totally stumped.:)

MysteryGuest said...

Had a fab time, dahlinks. Will catch up when not running at full tilt. Thanks so much for time, coffee and pastries.