Thursday, June 21, 2007


New York cars are fast. The town car picked me up and dropped me off.
Zoom. Zoom

My Luncheon included a piano. I did not offer to play and sing but I did answer questions about writing my book and Dorian talked about the auction and sale.

What was very cool was that it was video conferenced to the Miami office of William Morris Agency.
I had way too much fun and the food was yummy.
Then it was photo op time.
Top quality assistant Adam who will someday be an UBER agent like Dorian.

Notice something?

She introduced me to her boss UBER UBER UBER AGENT Suzanne Gluck.
I do need to point out that while her pedicure made her toes look QUITE outstanding she was AMAZINGLY jealous (I could tell) of my sparkly toes. Hawaii is far far ahead of New York when it comes to sparkly toes.

And then...And then?
Then I got presents. COFFEE!!!! Yeah!!!!!

And then the coolest of the cool.
Holly and I went to Strand books and met JOHN ROBISON.

Who is that very sophisticated author-to-be next to him?
I think that's the author of LOTTERY.
Do you think?
Yeah I think so.
She looks much older in person.
Oops do you think she heard us?
Oh man that was really rude of her to smack you up side of the head. You want ice on that?
The night finished up with dinner at the very famous Algonquin Round Table Restaurant with my UK publisher Jason Arthur.
Thank you for a fabulous time.
Now one quick glass of wine with Holly.
Well yeah, I'll have one more.
Don't mind if I do.
Just a splash.
yesh a bit mor.
Yuo to?
What happens in New York.
Stays in New York


Kanani said...
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Heidi the Hick said...

I just have to say- you have awesome feet.

You're having so much fun! I'm having fun reading about the fun!

Your enthusiasm totally shines through.

Adrienne said...

Unfortunately you are mistaken Pat. What happens in New York gets gossiped about across the internet at a staggering speed, you naughty girl!

Seriously though, sigh. Sounds AMAZING! And I love your outfit for the luncheon, where's the necklace from?

h-c said...

Oh, you'll love Juniors Cheesecake. The real place is between in Brooklyn, but they have a location now in times square on 45th street 8th ave and Broadway I think, around the corner from MTV studio.

The Anti-Wife said...

What fun. Obviously they think your book is going to be very, very big! How wonderful for you.

Have fun during the rest of your trip.

Lisa R said...

The lunch sounds like it went really well, I'm so glad. Who would have thought that little old Hawaii would be ahead of New York City on the sparkly toes issue? I had great New York cheese cake at Oscar's at the Waldorf and they also have a great (and famous) bar -- The Bull and Bear. Check it out.

Samantha said...

Now, who wouldn't be jealous of your sparkily toes? They look fabulous!

Gay said...

If I have a great pedicure at all times, can I be successful like you, too? (I'm really good about mine, since San Diego is a lot like Hawaii a great deal of the year).

And why don't we get to meet the others' feet? Aren't they nice feet like yours?

You've had me laughing all week. Thanks.

M. G. Tarquini said...

What restaurant were you at? Did you already say and have I missed it? When do you go home?

Oops. 3 questions. That's my limit.

Therese said...

Dorian looks astonishingly svelte, but your toes really take the (cheese)cake.

Am gearing up for MY big NYC date--no Town Car for me, but my publisher has scheduled me for a photo shoot! I can only hope to look as fabulous as you (and Dorian, of course) do here.

We are lucky girls, Pat...

Patricia L. Wood
Therese L. Fowler

Glad things are going so well for you there!

Kimber An said...

More fun in the Big Apple for Pat!

ORION said...

The necklace actually is made by an artist here in Hawaii and composed of new and antique Chinese beads of silver and ceramic and carved Carnelian (sp?) or is it Cinnabar? The red stuff.
I adore it -- my husband bought it for me.

Kim Stagliano said...

Love the photo of you and John!

Maprilynne said...

*Waving hand wildly in the air* Oooh, oooh, me me me!! I know, I know!

Dorian is skinnny again because she had her baby. Last time you were in NY she was like eight months pregnant.(Gee, wonder why I noticed that *rolls eyes*) She looks great!

I had no idea John was so tall. I don't care how short Pat claims to be, John is obviously a formidable man.So glad you guys got to meet. I'm telling you, the big novel of the season meets the big memoir of the season. Yea!

John Elder Robison said...

I did enjoy meeting up with you all. You know, for me, it's like being Peter Sellers in that movie, Being There. I just have to plod along, and good things happen to me.

You know, I always look so big in photos. I'm smaller in real life. Lots of times, when people stand next to me for photos, they squat down a bit. I don't know why they do that, but it happens.

And those toes on Pat . . . when I saw them, I thought the diamond pieces were embedded in the toes, and it sounded nasty, very painful to have done.

I was relieved to hear they were just painted on, and they did not hurt.

Girls do some very strange things in the name of looks.

I going to post my own version of the New York gossip on my blog, pretty soon. I just drove back, and I have to download the photos.

ORION said...

I think John was more concerned with the fact I nearly stuck my foot in his face showing him my sparkly feet.
Hey! Did you all hear that?
He called me a girl...

Kanani said...

I almost gave away a trade secret. Pat had to take it off... oh dear!

It had to do with Pat's toes... you see, they're branded.


But everyone will see later on....