Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Trust Pat to find a horse anywhere.

80 degrees YES!!!!!!! 1 am WHAT????!!!! You're KIDDING!
(Can you go to your OWN room now Pat?)
(((I'm REALLY tired!)))
OK Holly...I'm going...
Pat is warm, happy, and narry a palm tree in sight. She has a lunch date with her editor and brought FUN SURPRISES from Hawaii. I want to take the opportunity to say that Peternelle's restaurant selection is impeccable as always. I had gazpacho with humongous shrimp and lobster and a plate of haricot verts which I cannot say without laughing...I mean really...
The excellent adventure continued.

Self portraits of Pat and Holly in the Park. We strolled along trying to look as if we did this everyday. The tip off was that we were taking pictures of rocks and trees and...
OMG!!!!Is this one of those police things? Did someone get murdered here?????

Our over-active writerly imaginations got the better of us.
Insert eye rolling response here.
"No, ladies. That indicates a walking path."
Suffice it to say that Pat was VERY disappointed.
She proceeded to take photos of every place she suspected "Law and Order" found bodies.

For instance wasn't one found here?
And this photo is for Perry L. Crandall.

And this?

This is for Holly's boys...
So we are finding much fodder for novels. We make up stories about the grizzled old man leaning at the curb palsied hand outstretched and the excessively blond woman who elbows her way to the front of the elevator as the doors open. She smells of jasmine and peevishness.
Final note.
This message is for Lisa R.
We ate dinner at Pigalle and it was everything you said it was.
And the rest of you.
We ask again.
Where would you go?
What would you do.


Lisa said...

I was in NYC for the first time in May and had a long list of fun things I did -- with such beautiful weather I recommend going to the Boathouse in Central Park for a meal. The food is good, not outstanding, but the atmosphere is so...New York :)

Kimber An said...

I swear my daughter's your kindred spirit! She's going to love the horse picture. She can find a horse anywhere too!

Demon Hunter said...

They're are just too many great places to mention. Have you tried Little Italy yet? The cheesecake!! :*)

lala scrivano said...

Oh dear. You fell for that old chestnut about the walking path.

Carry on, dear. Remember, it's always best to trust one's instincts.

Therese said...

I like ice skating at Rockefeller, but I think that option's out for you two this trip...

Have you visited the Empire State Bldg. at night? I mean, as long as you're going to be obvious tourists and all.

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

Well, when I was there in November, my husband and i went to the 21 Club. Yeah, it's overpriced and some might see it as cliched, but, it's where Bogie proposed to Lauren Bacall and it's in tons of movies. The ambiance was jusr so so cool.

Adrienne said...

My list so far: Algonquin, Terrace on the Green, and I'll add Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker St, for it's famous cupcakes. Totally yummy! As well as Grimaldi's Pizza under the Brooklyn bridge on the Brooklyn side (never been but have been told it's awesome). You could take the subway over, and then walk back across the bridge, which is totally worth it!

Lisa R said...

I'm so glad you liked Pigalle. Did you see anyone famous? It's a hang out for the casts of several Broadway shows. I love New York. Keep those pictures coming.

Samantha said...

Oh how I love Central Park! I love NY City. It is so much fun! There is so many places to go, you have to go again and again!

ellen said...

Veniero's, on the Lower East Side, for the best Italian patries (mini canollis!) in the world.

Hosteria al Doge in Midtown for amazing garlic and spinach.

Century 21 downtown for crazy, lose-an-arm-carrying-everything discount shopping.


Lisa R said...

I agree about Century 21, right across from the World Trade Center site. AWESOME shopping. AWESOME. I spent a whole day there and spent WAY too much money.

Kanani said...

Oh... I love that market

canwag said...

If I ever got to New York, I'd just HAVE to have a slice of authentic New Yawk pizza - you know, the kind you roll up? Also, I've always wanted to dine at Tavern on the Green... and I'd love to be a total idiot tourist and just walk, walk, walk and goggle at all the skyscrapers and glitz. Of course, my dream New York trip wouldn't be complete if I didn't have an agent and publisher to treat me to lunch at someplace tres elegant..... :)

Katie Alender said...

Pat, you crack me up!

Heidi the Hick said...

I am kinda of mostly terrified of that place!!!

If I'd go I'd need a guide.

In the meantime I'm having way more fun going on the Pat & Holly tour!