Monday, May 14, 2007


The Olympic Range subdued by twilight.
Perry sees these mountains each day as he looks out over the marina at dusk.
Know what your character sees.
See what your character sees.

9:30 pm.
53 degrees.
I am in packing denial. I emptied my suitcases when I got to Seattle. Bought socks. Warm fuzzies. Checked the temperature in Norway. Bought more warm fuzzies.
Tomorrow it is off to Copenhagen then on to Oslo. I will post my adventures on my blog. It occurred to me that things will be different there. I will write about them. Not in a "Gosh this is strange!" way, but in a "My goodness this is facinating!" way.
Think of our novels. How we write them. With affection, like they are close friends which we are revealing to others.
Not like dirty little secrets.
Not like that.
This is also research for another novel I am editing. A way of learning more about my father and where he came from. Opportunity to write something new and different.
Like a novel.
Multilayered. Each thin stratum meaningful to different readers.
So we begin.
A virtual caravan. An imaginary tour.
Come along for the ride.
And bring your friends.


Kimber An said...

Norway will be coming into a beautiful time of year. I hope you catch the Spring there! Have fun.

The Writers' Group said...

I'm really looking forward to your adventure in Norway. As someone with the eating habits of a child, I especially want to hear about the food. This should be fun.


Therese said...

Share photos, too! I'm so envious--but hope I'll visit there next summer (maybe my publisher will even foot the bill?).

You can tell me (and Amy) which restaurants to try!

All best wishes for safe travels.


Holly Kennedy -- author of two said...

Have fun, Pat, and say hello to all of my relatives when you land in Oslo. They're the ones with the blond hair and blue eyes :)

Lisa R said...
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Lisa R said...

Have a great trip Pat! First trips to Europe need to be savored because everything is so new and exciting. I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing the photos. Stay warm!

The Anti-Wife said...

Love the picture. It looks like what I see from my deck.

Have a wonderful time in Norway. Looking forward to hearing all your stories.

kimstagthenaturelover said...

I can hear the Merritt Parkway while I sit on my deck. Does that count for anything??? We do have a red fox who trots across our yard, a wild turkey (who, oddly, has not been seen since the fox was spotted, uh oh) and lots of birds. It ain't Maui - but Connecticut is kinda nice. SKOAL? Is that good luck in Norwegian? Swedish? Danish? Finnish? Hollandish?