Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here I am in my cousin's back yard. Spydeberg.
I am there in the shadows.
Can you see me?

Flying across the polar route. Out my window there was a thin sheath of obscured magenta ribbon bordered by wide band of iridescent blue sky above and pewter clouds below. It was not dark it was dusk. It was not night. The orange ribbon widened slightly and then narrowed as I flew over the gulf of Boothia approaching Baffin island.
Earlier I thought of Holly Kennedy. I flew over Lake Athabasca which I assume is near the town of Athabasca. Funny how a name brings back the atmosphere of a book. Athabasca is where Holly grew up. Where Tommy and Max lived. Where the fire pit was. The clouds below are substantial as puffs of cotton or vapor blown out of a frigid mouth.
So where has my day gone? Wrapped up into the orbit of the earth? Sucked out of my watch and waiting for me until I return in three weeks?
It is still light. I have re set my computer.
7:49 am Norway time.
578 mph
Altitude 35,000 feet.
Just over Sondre Stromfjord it occurred to me my geographic ability is less than stellar.
The names on the map.
Foxe Basin
Hudson Strait
They are stories. They are settings.
Ungava Bay.
I try it on for size.
“I was born in Ungava Bay. My father lives there still.”

I could live on SAS food.
There was even a menu so I will not forget.

I spend hours looking out my window. Now when I write about going over the polar route I will not leave out the most important part.
It is always light in May and dark in December.
And the food is fabulous.
Brilliance lies in the details.
I am in Norway.
10 pm
Cold degrees.
And it is still light.
God natt.


Lisa R said...

Well, I finally get to be first to comment! I'm so glad you made it and in one piece. It is such a long trip from Hawaii. So how cold is it? Make me jealous. Just as summer is upon us here in the tropics. Keep the pictures coming, I want to see some fjords!

Holly Kennedy said...

You're in Norway and I'm in St. Albert, Alberta doing a reading in a few hours -- we are eons apart right now, but you MUST watch for my Uncle Arvid. He is the kindest sweetest man with the bluest eyes and he will sweep yah off your feet -- all 89 years of him.
Watch for him, okay?
Hugs xoxox

M. G. Tarquini said...

I wanna go to Norway. Keep a watch for reindeer.

I'll try the name and place setting thing on for size:

Everyone in Foxe Basin said Sondre Stromfjord wouldn't amount to anything. One day, Sondre heard them.

So she moved to Thule.


ORION said...

My cousin said there are moose and beaver wandering around.
Holly I am going to parades later today for National Day I will look for uncle Arvid.
ja ja Mindy.
You are on the right track.

canwag said...

Looks just like my backyard. Odd, isn't it, how places so exotic and far away can look so familiar? Maybe that's where "deja vu" came from... Have fun, Pat! I'm going back to Mapquest to look at the satellite views of Alaska. Now THAT'S exotic!

Word ver: abfaoe. Isn't that a type of fish in Norway?

John Elder Robison said...

It must be neat over there. My brother in law is from Sweden. I hope to see it myself one day.

best wishes

Demon Hunter said...

Sounds like you're having a blast, Pat! Have enough fun for me. Relax and enjoy you're vacation! :*)

The Anti-Wife said...

A woman once sailed on Orion,
And then on a plane she went flyin',
To Norway you know
With moose, beaver and snow,
And left all the rest of us cryin'.

Sorry! Hope you're having a great time. Shout hello next time you're in the neighborhood.

Travis Erwin said...

Published author. World traveler. What will you add next to the list of things I'm envious over?

Hope you have a great time.

ORION said...

OMG antiwife!
My cousin hooted when I read your limerick out loud!
Travis you forgot international spy and jewel thief...

Gay said...

I loved your description of what happened to time when you crossed the time zones. I'll think of it (and you) whenever I travel.