Friday, May 11, 2007


It was the fifth day of spicy chicken sausage from Costco.
We were far from a store - N 36 degrees 29.472 & W 151 degrees 37.999
(Day 10 from Honolulu bound for San Francisco)
Almost nearly the point where we make that right turn to California across the expanse of the Pacific.
Getting colder.
And he hit the lure. We saw him far out digging through the waves. Maybe a thousand feet of line. Pulled him in. Hand over hand.
All good things take effort.

5 pm and 84 degrees.
Two more random facts about me.
I am obsessive.
I like being in control.
I also am intense. Very intense. I love to talk. I love meeting new people (or old people for that matter).
That was 6.
In a few hours I will be on my way to Seattle and then on my way to Norway. I am not packed.
"What are you doing instead of packing?" I hear you ask.
I am trying to write down my top ten all time favorite novels and explain why.
I am also trying to narrow down my top twenty narrators down to five.
It is hard.
It is very hard.
But it is better than packing.
I will let you all guess how many warm clothes I have.
I digress.
Why am I doing this?
Because this is a question that is being asked of me so often that I figured I better sit down and think about it.
It reminds me.
Each time I'm in a music store I completely forget which songs I want.
When I go to a bookstore I blank out when I try to think of an author's name or book title.
It stands to reason that I have trouble remembering clearly which books have shaped me into the writer that I am.
When I am asked.
My mind goes all wobbly and I wonder.
Can I read?
I mention three or four novels that come to mind and then walk away in a daze. Dissatisfied. I know I could do better.
Five minutes later I have a perfectly glorious list of ten stunners.
But no one's asking.
Why oh why did I not write them down?
Well. That's what I'm doing now.
Writing them down.
Instead of packing.


Nathan said...

Seattle huh? What brings you to my hometown?

canwag said...

That's exactly what I was going to ask. Is your trip business, or personal? None of our business of course, but if you wish to dish, we'll listen. Have a great trip and get home safe!

ORION said...

We are going to Seattle to pick up my Dad and then leaving for Norway Tuesday afternoon. We will be visiting where my father was born and seeing relatives. I will also try to see my Swedish Publisher if there is time.
BTW - Check out the side bar "Where's Patricia"
I will be at Elliott Bay Book Store on August 7th at 7:30 pm for a talk and signing. You guys gonna be there?

Sam said...

Have a wonderful trip!!
It sounds like fun.
I hope the weather stays lovely for you!

1fish2fishkimfeelsbleckish said...

Books shmooks. Packing Shmacking. Did you really kill and gut and eat that fish?? Man, I am way out of touch with nature out here on the East Coast. Didn't you have any candy to eat???

Bernita said...

Hee, I'm like that in a bookstore too.
Lists are our friends.

Travis Erwin said...

Is that a Doplin Fish, better known as the fine tasting Mahi Mahi? I don't know a lot about saltwater fishing, but I try to get out locally as often as possible.

ORION said...

We filleted that mahi mahi and of course I had a little sashimi sample!
(You may well ask how in the world I have time to comment on my blog when i have to leave for the airport in 45 minutes...)

Nathan said...

I will be there on the 7th of August. I always like to visit fellow authors. See you then!

The Anti-Wife said...

August 7th, Elliott Bay Bookstore - 7:30 pm. It's on my calendar.

canwag said...

I'd love to be at the booksigning, but it's 1909.20 miles from here, and I don't think I could walk there by August. Maybe I'll just call them and pay for another of the many copies of Lottery I intend to purchase, so I can give them to everyone I know. Enjoy your trip!

Heidi the Hick said...

I blank out like that too!

This also happens when people asked me what records my husband's worked on. Can't remember a thing. I know he's always working but that's it.

Have a great trip and happy mother's day!

Kanani said...

Hope your trip is going well.

1. I am not obsessive.
2. I rarely think about being in control because I'm forgetful and I'm usually moving too fast.
3. I like meeting new people.

Yes, my new profile photo is a cake I made a year ago. No, we ate it. Yes, making a cake was such an unusual event, we took a photo of it!

Lisa R said...

The ARC of Lottery came Saturday! I'm so excited! I'm almost finished with it and I LOVE Perry! He is just so.....I'm not sure I can find a word to describe him. Real? Have a great trip and I look forward to seeing you when you get back and hearing all about it!

ORION said...

Aloha Lisa! glad you are enjoying it. (she told me she bought her copy of Lottery on ebay)
There are two more that are being bid on (bid currently at $20!)
Three have sold that I know of: one for $68, another for 57 and another for 44 -- too wild.
Kanani my profile photo should be pie! Or fish!
I leave for Norway tomorrow. I am currently looking for more warm socks!
And coffee.

Demon Hunter said...

Have fun on your trip and be safe! Wish I could be there for the signing, but us broke state workers cannot afford to travel far. :*/ Have enough fun for me!!

Gay said...

Have fun on your trip and do not freeze.

It is good to know that I am not alone. I can never ever remember the name of a single movie I've seen when someone asks me the name of my favorite movie of all time. I feel so stupid. The only one I can ever remember for sure is "Gone With the Wind" but I know it is not my favorite. I also saw "Pursuit of Happyness" last week, and loved it... but I still am certain it is not my favorite. It is very close, but...

I still cannot remember what my favorite is... I will sometime have to look at IMDB to figure it out, perhaps. I am also the same with books. Maybe it's because there are so many choices?

David L. McAfee said...

As always, love the pic. Absolutely beautiful. What kind of camera do you use, Pat?

Reverend Sumangali Tania Pink said...

Packing is over rated.

Have a fabulous journey!

ORION said...

I use a Nikonos V for underwater and a Nikon coolpix 4300 for everything else.
You are right.
Packing is overated...