Sunday, April 08, 2007


I'm here! I simply can't believe it. New York. I am on the 16th floor of the Warwick Hotel. The picture is taken out my window.
Here's another.

So I left Honolulu nice and warm and bundled up.
When I reached Minneapolis/St. Paul my flight to New York was canceled.
This is where I whined and batted my eyes and begged.
It worked.
I arrived at Newark and took a cab.
My driver was the best. He told me his son is autistic so we talked about children and our hopes and dreams.
My neck was sore from craning back and looking up at the buildings.
"Hey that's Radio City Music Hall!" I cried.
I could tell he took pleasure in my excitement.
The car slowed. Traffic. Sirens.
There was a minor disturbance in the street. A scuffle. Words exchanged. I noticed a tall gorgeous woman in stilettos being tossed out of a bar. She was able to land on her feet. A small white poodle followed close to her heels carrying one of those flasks St Bernards carry...only it said GIN on the front. The pooch wore a jaunty beret. A clever dog. It hailed a taxi with a short whistle like yelp.
Could it be?
But before I could step out of my cab and inquire she was gone.
I checked in and went down to the bar. The Warwick Hotel was built by Randolf Hearst for his love Marion Davies. I could feel the atmosphere in the thick carpeting. The elaborate sconces.
I ate tomato -garlic soup (which might be a mistake considering all the people I have to meet tomorrow!) and drank a glass of wine and just took it all in. I sat in the lobby for a while.
The doorman's name is David. We chatted. He has a really cool uniform. When he found out I had never been to New York so he took me into the fancy restaurant- even though it was closed- and showed me all the murals on the wall that Hearst had commissioned. They are marvelous- surreal - He said there were naughty bits.
I will look for them tommorrow during breakfast.
So here I am fellow bloggers.
And here you are too.
Each place I go you are there with me.
I think of you all.
Talk to you later...


LadyBronco said...

LOL Pat @ 'Too cold to calculate'

If it makes you feel better, it's been snowing here for 2 1/2 days ~ and it's coming your way!


I absolutely love the pictures of the nighttime New York skyline.

Have a ball!

M. G. Tarquini said...

Ah, man! She got tossed out again? This will set her back 3 steps in her 12 step program.

Kiskadee said...

Have a wonderful time - and I'm right there in spirit, peeoping over your shoulder. Maybe I'll get some magic dust!

ORION said...

Hey I'm up and looking for coffee! I know it's here someplace...

Demon Hunter said...

Awww shucks, Pat. Thank you for thinking of us. Have a great time! :*) Even though I have been to New York on several occasions, I hope to one day be there for the exact same reason you're there now! :*) Have a blast!

Michelle Zink said...

As a Southern California girl now living in NY, Pat, I can honsetly say, I LOVE NY.

NY rocks. There's no place in the world like it, no place with the same energy, the same style.

SUCH a fantastic city for SUCH a fantastic person. Enjoy!