Saturday, April 07, 2007

6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

3:30 pm and 82 degrees.
I leave for the airport in four and a half hours. I am almost packed. I keep adding things.
Like sweaters. Socks.
Macadamia nuts.
And Chocolate covered Kona coffee beans.
Temiyage for the trip to.
Omiyage for the trip back.
Everyone from Hawaii knows about this. You visit a place bringing gifts.
And come back with omiyage.
Gifts for friends and relatives.
I will have to search New York and find those meaningful and thoughtful mementos.
Like keychains in the shape of the Statue of Liberty and ticket stubs from a Broadway play. Well...Maybe something better than that.
I will have to think hard.
Did I tell you all I have never been to New York?
Did I tell you what I will be doing there?
Monday I visit William Morris Agency.
Tuesday I visit Putnam.
Wednesday...I can't remember what I am doing Wednesday...Oh yes! I am seeing Wicked.
And having breakfast with my publicist and...seeing a museum in the afternoon with my editor...
They are taking good care of me.
So am I excited?
Yes. Very.
Am I nervous?
I don't know. I don't think so.
I will be blogging each day and letting you all experience what it is like to go to New York and meet all the people that make dreams about publishing a reality.
The impossible becomes the possible.
So come along for the ride...
First stop?
Honolulu Airport to catch Northwest Airlines flight 218 leaving at 10:50 pm.
I connect in Minneapolis St Paul taking flt 186 to New York and arrive at LaGuardia 7:01 pm Sunday.
And then the fun starts.
And as Perry would say.
That is so totally cool!


Holly Kennedy said...

Fly safe, Pat, and have a blast while you're there. It's such an incredible city and you'll be experiencing so many 'firsts' that you might find it hard to stop grinning already.
All best from Canada :)

Kimber An said...

I'll be standing out in my yard waiting for you to drop those macadamia nuts by parachute as you fly over! Safe true, Pat.
;) And have fun.

Bernita said...

"Fkying high" has so many meaning in context, doesn't it?
Enjoy every last livin' minute.

Bernita said...


Kim Stagliano said...

Safe travels! See you in NY!

Gay said...

Pack my best wishes in that suitcase. Gay

Kim Stagliano said...

Psssst - you think anyone told Hawaii Pat its 30 degrees and wintery here? We had SNOW flurries on our way into Church in CT.


Therese said...

Kim, she said she was packing sweaters and socks...but since she's cold when it's 65 degrees, the poor woman's going to be an ice cube!

Pat: keep warm and have a fabulous time!

sunjunkie said...

Pat, sometimes layers just don't cut it. To keep warm, have a hot beverage, preferably with a little hooch in it. ;)