Monday, April 09, 2007


My life is now complete.
I am coffeed up and preparing to meet Kim S. for breakfast.

8:30 am and too-cold-for-words.
After turning the thermostat up as far as it will go in my room. I am almost warm enough. I timidly crept outside.
Jumped when white filmy stuff puffed out of my mouth! Cool. I have my very own special effects.
I adore all the doormen at the Warwick. They are too incredibly kind.

Hey guys.
When you write down the address " 1325 Avenue of the Americas"?
It's a REAL place.

I can feel the love all around me.
There it is.
More later...


Kimber An said...

Oh, you are sooo funny, Pat! Glad to see they got good coffee in New York.

Wendy Roberts said...

I'm living vicariously through you, Pat! I'm making the trip in July and you're sure drumming up the excitement :)

Kanani said...

Hey... GREAT!
Im in Tucson now. Finding yoga classes and visiting relatives.

Maprilynne said...

That is so cool. I am going to be checking your blog CONSTANTLY for the next few days!!!

Yea New York!!!!

victoria dove said...

I'm jealous.

Have tons of fun!!

And drink good coffee. I like Starbucks better now that they're heading towards free trade. Yes, they're taking itty bitty tiny baby steps, but on a global scale, it's doing a lot of good.

Have I mentioned that you have to have lots of fun?


Gay said...

Glad you found the Starbucks. I will stop worrying. :wink:

Thanks for suffering the cold so that we could live through your eyes.

Demon Hunter said...

I am so loving being on this trip with you, Pat. Have fun!!:*)

adrienne said...

Man I am sooo jealous! Sounds so exciting! I want every little detail about the meeting!

Have tons of fun, and please PLEASE go for an expensive drink at the Algonquin Hotel. It is a right of passage for any author.

Anonymous said...

Wow, New York looks beautiful!!
Best of luck (like you need it:)
and well wishes for your great week..keep the pictures coming!1

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh Pat. wow. just...WOW.

I had one of those weekends last week but it was all about my husband's accomplishments. I hope some day I get my chance!

thanks for sharing!