Monday, April 09, 2007


5:30 pm and ungodly-cold-but-I'm-starting-to-get-used-to-it degrees.
First I had a delightful breakfast with Kim S.

I can't tell you what fun it is to meet blogging buddies.
This is right after I asked her if I had anything stuck in my teeth...
Next we went our separate ways. She to see her agent and me to see mine.

WMA is in a very beautiful building. I had to get a badge to go upstairs. I will stick it in my scrap book...

It was fun to lurk around and take photos of people who I knew previously only by their voices.
Then I had to take a picture of Adam who is Dorian's assistant. He ROCKS too.
Notice what I brought from Hawaii for him? (HINT it's on the desk)

Then I had a decadent lunch with Dorian and had so much fun we totally forgot to get our picture taken together. I will remember to do it tomorrow...
Then I played tourist.
I walked all over town and up to Central Park.

I strolled back and noticed a sign for The Russian Tearoom.

It is simply wonderful inside.

I sipped my tea and heard a voice...
Could it be?
"Dimitri this gin is divine! I may look at your partial after all...are you SURE you know George PERSONALLY?"
There is only one person I know of with that single minded purpose.
It had to be Miss Sna...
I slid my camera out of my pocket.
Slowly I turned.
Step by step.
EEEEK!!!!That damned poodle came out of nowhere! My hand tossed aside like so much salad...My finger slipped like Jerry Lewis on a well-waxed floor.

I guess this writer is no match for...
Until tomorrow.


Kim Stagliano said...

The pleasure was all mine. Folks, I am happy to report that Pat is every bit as lovely, excited and delightful in person as she is on her blog, her site and in the pages of Lottery, which I am proud to say I HAVE READ! (Yes, you may feel intense jealousy now.) Lottery will not only knock your socks off, it will take your shirt, pants and undies too. I ignored my girls for FAR too many hours while saying "Sweetie, Mommy will feed you soon, just a few more pages." Pat, thank you.

Send me this photo!


M. G. Tarquini said...
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M. G. Tarquini said...

Kim! You're adorable!

Pat! So are you!

Yep, let the jealousy commence, because I've read Lottery also. After hours, with a flashlight under the covers. Forced to fend off my husband who kept turning over to plead, 'Honey? Can't you read that in the morning?'

Hey, Pat! I'm proud to say I taught KY that stop, drop and roll maneuver myself. I also forwarded him your dossier with a recent photo and travel dates. Forsworn is Chicken Parm and all that. Glad to know he on the job.

Manic Mom said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous! How cute that Kim posted a link from our Yahoo group. I knew she was going to NYC today!

Hilarious that you almost outted Miss Snark! ... hee hee...

Maprilynne said...

Oh Pat, it can't possibly be THAT cold.;)


Gay said...

I am soooooooo jealous, you have no idea. And so is Fiddy. He wants to know if he can have your autograph, now that you've been bitten by KY. He worships the ground that KY even THINKS about walking on. (And yes, Fiddy is a cat, but he doesn't care. He'll go cross-species for a canine of KY's ilk).

How many more days until I need to keep an eye on the front porch for my own copy of Lottery? The agony is killing me.


Therese said...

Be careful, Pat (and Kim)--NYC has been known to be addictive!

A shame you didn't quite catch the divine Ms. S!

Kimber An said...

You're hysterical, Pat! Central Park looks beautiful. I've seen it in so many movies and have always wanted to explore it. You know, there's a statue of Balto there. Don't know who Balto is? Balto was the lead dog in dogsled team which got the medicine to Nome in the 1920's to save the town from Diptheria. That's how the Iditerod dogsled race started.

Have so much fun!

The Writers' Group said...

Pat, thanks for taking us along on this wild ride of yours. You must be beyond thrilled. So, so happy for you.


Miss Snark said...

I haven't read LOTTERY.
I think this is a huge problem.
I think it's a conspiracy.
I"m camping out at 375 Hudson to make sure I get a copy.

Kim Stagliano said...

Miss Snark, Miss Snark, Miss Snark.... I have a copy that I am happy to lend you. It's a tad dog eared - will that offend KY? Shall I address it to Snark Central where you accept your queries?

Someone PLEASE call the NY Times - tell them I have something Miss Snark wants! And send some mittens and a parka to her boyfriend Satan, I think it's suddenly chilly down there!

Heidi the Hick said...

oh man, I can barely take the excitement! Pat, you're right famous!

(I accidentally left my comment on yesterday's post, but then Miss Snark showed up....gack!)

adrienne said...

Oh Pat just how delightful! And the Russian Tea Room! So decadent!

Of course we are all wildly jealous of you (and now Kim for having read Lottery), but your excitment makes me just as excited.

Oh and what a beautiful building your agency has. It must have been so exciting!

Hope you are having fun with your publishers!

Victoria Dove said...

Miss Snark has commented on your blog. Twice now. That makes you not only really cool, but down right amazing.

Miss Snark said...

Ok, what I want to know is who you have to sleep with in this town to get an advance copy of this book???

I mean, really now, this is clearly some horrid cosmic joke that I do not have this book.

I will now go breathe fire on the publicity department at Putnam. Don't think I won't!!!!