Tuesday, April 10, 2007


6 pm and-cold-as-a-witches-titty degrees.
Weeeelll. It all started with room service and a GREAT book last night. I finished The Bitch Posse by Martha O'Connor and WHAT A READ!!!Holy cow why didn't I get it before I have no idea? Anyway a luxurious morning reading and ordering room service. They had those little jars of jam that they give with toast but I didn't order toast so anyway I put them in my luggage to take home.
Along with two extra shampoos that Kim S. swiped for me.
I am my mother's daughter after all.
I digress.
I made sure I arrived at Putnam in plenty of time. It is interesting about New York taxis. You have to know where to flag them down or else it takes twice as long to get some place.
375 Hudson.
This is the building where Penguin Group and Putnam live.

And this is the art inside the building. Isn't it keen?

We all happened to enter the bulding all at the same time.
Here is me with my agent -- the beautiful, extraordinary and VERY pregnant Dorian Karchmar. She is (I believe) just MINUTES from delivering!!!

My meeting was with agent, publicists and editor and it was mind boggling -- the attention to detail these people must have is amazing. Plus they are a total delight and SO nice! Stephanie from Putnam and Megan and Lynn from Goldberg McDuffie just wowed me!
Of course my editor Peterelle van Arsdale is simply awesome.
Here she is just before she took us to lunch. (Does it sound like all I do is eat?)

We were starved and I had the most delicious soup and the food was to die for!
Here is the dynamic duo together!

Of course it occurs to me that I am not in the picture but you have to just take my word for it that I was there!
Next I got to amuse myself around Soho and the Village. AND I ACTUALLY HAILED A CAB ALL BY MYSELF! I didn't even have to fight off some decrepit old lady for it. If I had done that I would be a true New Yorker...
Next the absolutely LOVELY get together where I met EVERYBODY responsible for getting LOTTERY out into the world.

Here is me and Dan Conaway who I met at the Maui Writers Conference. How cool is this?

Then me and Neil Nyren. I ambushed EVERYBODY to get their picture. WARNING: Insane author with camera.
You can run...but you cannot hide.

There were so many great people that stopped by for wine and cheese (Yum!).

And then the way coolest thing.
Me and the President of Putnam Ivan Held who UBER ROCKS (and I'm not just saying that because he bought my book!)

Now they ALL said they were going to run right home and read this blog. I want to thank them all. They made me feel so welcome even though I got lost and visited the second and third floor before I got up to four where I was supposed to go!
I mean it when I say I wish I could remember everyone's name who has played a big part in this entire endeavor. Hopefully I can thank them adequately at some point in time.
Well children.
That's it for today.
I need to go down to the bar and order a drink. I noticed a sign in the window saying they were out of gin so I do not expect a Snark sighting...
But you never know.
And all you people I met today?
You BETTER comment or I will be VERY displeased...Remember...I'm coming back in June. You want more of those macadamia nuts and the chocolate dipped cookies don't you?


Anonymous said...

wGreat photos of such an exciting time!! To think all
of those creative, busy, professional and successful people treating you, this debut author from Hawaii so wonderfully. It is nice to know that the Aloha spirit also resides within the big hitters of New York City!!

Dorian looks so young and beautiful!! It is so amazing to see how you creative spirits support each other and are able to celebrate success together.

Keep up the posts as we in cyberland are excited and
patiently awaiting your posts.. makes sense that
an author such as yourself can bring the trip to life for those of us at home... Keep em coming...

Aloha. Mary

Kim Stagliano said...

I've been thinking about you ALL DAY! Like a mother hen "When is she going to blog her day?" Thank you for sharing your remarkable story with us all. Safe travels home to Hawaii. New York will leave the light on for you - that I know.

Anonymous said...

Hum, looks like it is cold even inside -- your jacket never came off! And I'm sure you wished for a down polar bear outfit outside. Never fear, it is warm, tradewind weather here to welcome you home to thaw. Congrats!!!


Maprilynne said...

Let's see, I saw lots of wine . . . hmmm, and lots of food . . . I guess it's official! you've been wined and dined!!:) It sounds like you are having a mah-velous time! Good luck tomorrow too!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!

I'm so very jealous though!

Kiskadee said...

Hi Pat, what a great time you are having! I hope you have to come to Europe to meet your publishers here because I;m going to move hell and high waters to get to you!
I'm amazed at how YOUNG your agent and editor are!

leatherdykeuk said...

Great photos. I'm really enjoying your whirlwind tour.

6 pm and-cold-as-a-witches-titty degrees
Actually, mine are quite warm, thanks.

John Elder Robison said...

Exciting pictures!

I remember being in those same places. It is quite a feeling. Peternelle was very sweet. When I saw her, my wife was with me, and she told her she was nervous about how she appears in my book.

Peternelle said, "It's a beautiful portayal. Every woman in the country will wish they had a marriage like yours . . ."

You came to the big city from a nice warm place. I just drove there from Massachusetts, where it's even colder.

Are you going to the BEA show? I'll be back in NYC for that, along with my brother.

best wishes

Bernita said...

AND, I like your outfit.

Kimber An said...

Ooooh, babies, I love babies. Don't forget to buy a present for the new baby!

Wendy Roberts said...

Oooh what fun! Fab pictures, Pat.

Anne said...

Wow. Again. I've heard Peterelle van Arsdale is fabulous. Pat, I think you've won the lottery.

Michelle Zink said...

I can SEE how happy you are, Pat.

And strangely enough, I can SEE how nice all those people are, too.

I'm so pleased you're having such a great time.

Suffice it to say, it seems ALL worth the wait...

ORION said...

Aloha everybody and thanks for commenting. I know it doesn't SEEM cold to you guys but gee whiz I am wearing every shirt I own all at once!

Manic Mom said...

I knew KIM was a kleptomaniac--the shampoos!!!

What a fabulous experience!!! I want to be YOU someday... all of it, including Hawaii, and best-seller-stardom and awesome publishing people! But alas, Penguin passed on my novel...

At least I can live vicariously through you!!!

And how about that other AMAZING achievement you've succeeded in doing--


kleptokim said...

Manic - I am not a klepto - Miss Pat said "I hope housekeeping brings me some extra shampoo." I, spying the cart in the hall, simply walked over and grabbed a handful of the stuff. I was not about to have Pat go to her meeting with limp hair. I came, I saw, I grabbed. I may be from Boston but I can be NY whenever needed. (I did swipe a pen for myself......)

M. G. Tarquini said...

Totally, swiping stuff is a necessity in hotels. We just swiped a bunch of extra towels off the housekeeping cart.

No...not to take home. To use. I'm a nutcase about fresh towels. They never give you enough.

81 and balmy in Honolulu, Pat. We're off to the north end of the island today. Looking forward to seeing you and expressing envy over how damned photogenic you are! What a great time you're having! Good on you!

Heh. My word verification is syaynyo.



Gay said...

I want to travel with you--I bet it's a hoot! I'm having laughs just reading about it. Can we keep you on the road?

You have to let me know if you ever hit San Diego.

Martha O'Connor said...

Thank you for the shout-out!

I am so glad you had a good time. I knew you would!


Demon Hunter said...

It looked like great fun, Pat. Wish I was there! Glad you had so much fun!! :*)

Anonymous said...

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