Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just Being Yourself...

10 am and 80 degrees.
Touloose has no pretensions. He is what he is. A lazy cat who will not even be my muse. Speaking of muses I haven't seen her around today. Maybe she knows that I'm taking the weekend off.
Last night we got together with neighbors to help iron out a nautical (knotty?!) plot problem for an author friend of mine. The night was spent drinking wine and conjecturing how best to kill a crew.
No one likes the most common way of fatal accidents.
Crew members (at night during watch) having a pissing contest on the back of a boat underway and the boat hits a wave, bounces, and they get thrown overboard. The boat keeps on going. Everyone else is asleep...
It happens...

Today we are going holoholo (vacation) to waikiki for a charity wine tasting and a one night stay at the Sheraton Moana. Decadence.
Visiting friends.
And then home.
No blogging until Monday.
Aloha for now.


Sam said...

How many in the crew?
If there's a woman in the crew, that won't work, lol.

LadyBronco said...

I am actually laughing out loud at the image of 3 or 4 guys standing at the back of a boat, pissing in the wind.

That's such a guy thing to!

ORION said...

Two in the crew and they are both male...The four passengers are all female. Not unusual for a charter boat- it's kind of a "group of woman friend bonding thing."
hey Sam VERY cool web site.

and yes ladybronco I chuckle too - here in Hawaii at least a couple times a year they find a small fishing boat going around in circles empty... with a massive bill fish tied to the side and no pilot to be seen...

Kimber An said...

In SCD, 'knotty' is slang for 'physically stimulating.' It's based on the root word 'knot,' meaning copulation. Oh, the things we writers come up with!

Hey, I know, have the sailors doing their little contest, think they see St. Elmo's Fire, and have them all abducted by aliens. Don't want that image appearing in the spaceship's command center???