Friday, November 17, 2006

Things in Disguise

I love the intricacy of nature. Scorpion fish get a bum rap. Some divers think they are dangerous, like the stone fish in Australia, and others think they are too ugly to live. I think they are wonderful. So clever to hide in plain site. So still and silent. As a photographer I am entranced. In the deep they are mottled gray-green-blue. When my flash goes off and my picture is displayed all the hues are revealed.
How much like writing is that, I think. Only after staid and ordinary words are put together do the vibrant colors of the story come out.

At 4:30 am it is 78 degrees.
Coffee is on and all's right with the world.
Book 2 edits are coming along nicely. My characters, after a noisy start, have settled down to their jobs.
It has been several months since I have taken a good hard look at this novel and I find myself going, "Wow, I wrote THAT? Hmmmm that's pretty good..."
Editorial distance is crucial.
My friend / beta reader Peggy will be the next to peruse it. She's valuable because she has two very important attributes - she's my friend AND she is honest with me.
I love blog comments.
Some people love the horse part, others like the underwater photography part, and still others are into the Hawaii part.
All the things that are a part of who I am.
A true renaissance woman...
That's me.


ORION said...

Just changed my comment page. It may be easier to leave a comment. We will see...If I start getting spam it will go back to moderator.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the photos of undersea creatures and how you relate them to the daily message.

Sam said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!
I envy you living in Hawaii!!
I stopped by once, lol, on the way from Samoa to CA - long, long time ago!
& Yes, lots of similarities between us - cool!

Mary said...

Amazing photographs!! It takes a competent, skilled and
inquisitive diver to be able to spot and identifiy all the
organisms you have included as so many of us just
"power dive" and look for the larger more "popular"
specimins such as dolphins, parrot fish, whales etc.

Then there is the careful downloading, identifying, cateloging, and then sharing on this blog. This is a lot
of work and MUCH appreciated!!!

Keep em coming!!!! Mahalo,