Monday, November 20, 2006

Back From Holoholo

6:30 and 75 degrees.
It's getting cooler.
It was a wonderful charity event and an enjoyable stay at a landmark hotel in Waikiki. The Moana Surfrider is over a hundred years old and we were fortunate to be able to stay in the old section. High ceilings, wide corridors and an ambiance of "boat days." When the ships brought tourists to Hawaii.
This was the view outside our window.
But yanno...
We missed the muses.
We missed the rocking of ORION.
So we went back home the next morning to escape the noise and frenetic activity of the city.

Saw a GREAT movie. As a writer I really appreciated the film Stranger than Fiction. It was not at all what I expected from Will Farrel and I was surprised. It was stuffed full of cliches -many of which only serious writers might get. In some ways it reminded me of I heart huckabees. Dustin Hoffman was hilarious as a professor of literature trying to help Will Farrel analyze whether he was in a comedy or tragedy...
I highly recommend it.

Today I desperately want to get back to my next project but I must put some time into my PhD research so I have to wait until tomorrow.
I love it when a work calls to me and I am excited to edit or continue writing.
I love knowing where I am going...
Don't we all?

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LadyBronco said...

I am jealous over the weather. Today, it got up to a whopping 42 degrees, and was only partly sunny.

I can't wait to see 'Stranger than Fiction.' That movie looks so very interesting.

And my WIP has been calling to me all day, but with a sick kid, and homework to finish before class, I had to ignore the siren call to write today.

I can't wait until tomorrow.