Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Heart Squid

6:30 am and 77 degrees
I took this picture several years ago when I dove regularly through a dive shop in Hawaii Kai. Aloha Dive. A great place. Gordon was doing the weekend MBA program and I went diving. An excellent trade. Ironically living on the boat I have not blown bubbles as often. Maybe because it's so easy to snorkel. I don't know. Even my photography has changed as I struggle to transfer over to digital. My two strobes. The brackets and arms. My Nikonos. My 20mm wide angle lens. All languish in storage as I learn this new technology.
I am always learning.
Ahhhh that first of twenty cups of morning coffee...
(another digression)
Back to squid.
I love them. They look at me with interest. They are changeable. Unique. Unusual.
I never realized they were here in Hawaii. I dove for years without seeing them. My husband has lived here since he was little and he never realized it. It's like they all just came back suddenly. So cool.
I know why I adore them. They are like my stories.
There in my mind - just waiting to be discovered.
The way life is.

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