Friday, November 03, 2006

Care and Feeding of Editing OR How to Handle a Puffer Fish

6am and 75 degrees. I actually see blue sky creeping out of the clouds. The rain must be over.
I am ready to get to work on the final edit of my novel. I let it sit for many many weeks and now - armed with a wonderful letter of guidance from my agent - I am excited to start.
There is a delicacy about this. A needed measure of thoughtfulness.
I have been described as (to put it tactfully) "hasty."
I thank Paul Theroux for that term. He gave me exercises last spring to slow me down. My friend Holly says the same thing.
I am speedy.
I need to take my time.
Not be in a hurry,
What's my rush?
I don't know.
So maybe thinking of my novel as a puffer fish will help - all those pokeys. I need to handle it carefully. Make sure I do not damage the structure and deflate it.
So today I start.


Anonymous said...

Gord says good morning, and I've finally remembered to put your blog on my list of favorites

allison said...

i LOVE the pufferfish! and i'd LOVE to read some of your work!!!