Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Tale of my Drowning has Been Greatly Exaggerated

9:30 am and 77 degrees.
It is a deluge.
A torrent.
A free form niagara.

I stare out at the water and hope I do not have to go anywhere.
It is a good day to stay inside.
It is a good day to write.
All days are good days to write.


Kimber An said...

"Today is a good day to write!" Hmm, why do I have the sudden urge to go sew a female Klingon's dress?

ORION said...

Hey! I want a female Klingon's dress! Make me one! Please...please...please...
Actually your comment is well spoken. I tell myself to write. I even know what I am going to work on. But I pour a cup of coffee. Then I clean off the table. Then do the dishes. Pet a cat. Pour another cup of coffee. Turn on a fan. Shut off the fan. Clean the fan. Turn the fan back on. Turn the lamp on. Switch the lamp to where the fan is. Rearrange the counter. Pour another cup of coffee...

Kimber An said...

This is a good year for fabric. Joann Fabrics has gorgeous ultra-suedes and brocades this year. The trouble is, I keep buying fabric and cutting it out, but not sewing! But, I really am going to get rolling. I have everything I need for a navy blue ultrasuede dress just like the red dress Kassidy Yates wore in the last episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I also just found the perfect fabric for the under-dress in my brown version of Lady Arwen's Chase Dress from Fellowship of the Ring. And I have a gorgeous gold brocade all cut out, but it was meant to be a maternity dress. Even though I can easily alter it to be a regular dress, it just breaks my heart to think about sewing it. I did just find the perfect fabric and pattern for my dove-gray Klingon dress. I wish like crazy I could remember what Deep Space Nine episode I saw it in! Then, I could rent it and get more inspiration. Oh, well. Nothing I sew turns out like my inspiration to say nothing of the pattern I buy to make it with. No problem with writing though. Stopping writing, now that's hard.