Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Reflections

7:30 am and 79 degrees.
The tradewinds have died and it has been very still and humid the last few days. The water is a mirror reflecting everything in its path.
My editing has been going very well. Reflection is important in making sure the story you tell is true or genuine.
That is a word that means genuine or authentic and is used in art. I like to think I can also use it in my writing. Everything that I put down on paper has to be echt. It has to be authentic and real in the world that I create. There are times in the past that I have read a book and sensed a lack of truth...of dishonesty.
Maybe the author created a Deus Ex Machina - when that long lost cousin no one knew existed, descends in the last chapter and admits to murdering the rich uncle.
Maybe the author forced his character to do or say something that no one would ever do. Like hearing a noise in the basement late at night when the news reports that a homicidal maniac escaped and is on a rampage and the character goes down to check windows and doors using a faulty flashlight.
Like that.
So in my edit I am looking for truth and expanding it and searching for lies that I can delete.
Isn't that what we all should be doing with our lives?
Just asking...

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