Friday, October 06, 2006


A chilly 75 at 8 am at KoOlina. This time and temperature thing will get massively more annoying as the mainland approaches winter. I always let my friends know how warm it is in Hawaii.
This trait of mine becomes even more annoying on the phone. It is right up there with my irritating jokes about the time difference.
"It's three o'clock here. What time is it there?" people ask.
"Almost one," I say
"Oh so it's three hours difference?"
This is where I get clever.
"Actually no. The time difference is two hours and fifty-five minutes, it's not quite one."
I can offer long diatribes as to why this is so: It involves leap year, daylight savings time (which Hawaii does not do) and the alignment of the planets.
Some people even believe me. I can be quite persuasive.

I woke up today intending on talking of crossroads and life altering changes.
But I need at least at least another cup of coffee before I can do that.

So I decided instead to post one of my underwater photographs on my blog instead.
This is an orange spotted nudibranch.
It's beautiful don't you think?

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