Thursday, October 05, 2006

By-The-Wind Sailor

Velella Velella

These ubiquitous jellies are found all over the world. We saw them the entire time on our passage. I was reminded of this last night while having dinner with M. and M. They had just returned from bringing their boat across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. The "easy way" - from California to Hawaii.
I did the "hard way" - Hawaii to California. It made me a bit smug, however it is still a real accomplishment.
I digress.
The ocean is full of these little creatures. The surface of the water, at times, is covered with them.
We all thought these jellies were incredibly cool. Their little sails catch the wind and away they go. Some are right handed and others left. Some go north, others south, or east, or west. They are either in a huge group or you can find them drifting as solitary individuals.
When I write I am a Velella.
All by myself.
Letting my words take me where I need to go.
Far, far away.


Anonymous said...

What a great muse you have. I loved the lamp shade too.

Great adventures make for a great life. Therefore, you must have a wonderful life.

I hope the love of my life wants to become a sailor's wife one day. Maybe you will persuade her to take to the seas.

Robert S. Hample

ORION said...

I love getting comments on my blog! It gives me the illusion that people are reading it!
It will be great to meet you next week!

Sandra said...

So beautifull I LOVE YOUR BLOG and your cats : )