Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Think This is How it Works

6:30 in the morning. 75 degrees. Blue sky and occasional cloud wisps. A few reluctant stars visible. The only sounds I hear are my coffee maker struggling.
I am spending far too much time on message boards, but rather than blame it on an addiction I am being analytical. I hear the same cries from writers over and over.
...what if someone steals my do I get an agent...should I get a publisher's not's not's not fair...
In my delusions I thought maybe I could help other writers like I have been helped, however in many cases it falls on deaf ears.
But I have formulated a few ideas of how it works.
First you have to read what you want to write.
Then you write.
You read. Then write more.
You take workshops, classes and get critiqued.
And you write even more.
You read books on writing.
And you write.
Then you write.
The most important thing?
And then?
Learning to edit your work is a whole new program. Develop beta readers. This takes time, but there is nothing more advantageous to having good critical readers who are honest and understand how a story is put together.
Attend conferences and writers retreats and learn how the business runs.
Read publishers marketplace regularly.
When you are ready to query your work cross reference agents on and the deals page on publishers marketplace.
Find authors who can be mentors. You do this by being professional, networking, and attending writing workshops.
Query long and wide.
Do not give up.
Write your next book.
And your next.
Do not give not give not give up...
And keep writing.
I think this is how it works.

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