Saturday, October 07, 2006

Turtles in my Yard

76 degrees at 7 am.
I don't have stray dogs or cats in my yard. I don't even have kids on bikes. I have puffer fish, errant boisterous ulua, and turtles.
Green Sea Turtles.

They used to be endangered and in fact in some parts of the world they still are. I can't even imagine anyone killing them. They have such spirit. Every week the harbor turtle makes his way to our slip. Munching seaweed up one side of the dock and down the other and then ends up nibbling the growth around the piling. He paddles off to the next area and in a week I'll see him again.
When I dive KoKo Crater the east side of Honolulu, there is a wonderful sandy area where turtles rest.

When I took this photo I had just gotten my underwater strobe. I think I was a bit disruptive to this turtle's nap.
I apologized to him later, but he was still a bit grumpy.

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