Monday, September 07, 2009


WANDERING STAR has joined ORION at the Ala Wai...

That teeny tiny speck of a sailboat is Wandering Star entering the harbor. So it's back to normal or kinda normal...Tooloose is writing his alien space monkey opus, I'm working on a new project, and simultaneously trying to come down from 10+ days working with other writers.
It's been fun...and everyone says the same thing:
Get off the internet and write.
Get off your butt and write.
Have faith (that's from Mitch Albom).
Have determination (that's from Kristin Hannah).
Let adversity motivate you (that's from Jackie Mitchard).
Break all the rules (that's from Joseph Finder).
String 60 scenes together (that's from William Bernstein).
I'm going to sell my house and buy a boat (that's from William Martin- he went on a great catamaran ride and now he's jealous of me...on a Hawaii...).
And for the writers who heard my talk?
Look for that pony in the manure pile and stay well grounded by stepping in an occassional hair ball...


Kim Steutermann Rogers said...

He better tie up quickly, because he has a couple books waiting for him to read.

Heidi Willis said...

Oh! I love the pony in the manure pile story!!

I've found it's hard to get off my butt and write.... I'm usually sitting on it when I write.

But I am learning to shut down the Internet!

And I still want a boat, even after reading about how you had to clean the poop out of the whatchamacallits.

Well, sort of.

:) I'm looking forward to reading more of your books!