Tuesday, April 07, 2009


So where's a Tiki Bar when you need one?
The answer?
Here in Hawaii...I could just imagine the end-of-the-line "gumshoe' sitting there nursing his bloody mary at 11 am.
I wanted to write about him.
Just the atmosphere made me want to sit down and type out a few thousand words of pulp fiction.
Reminded me of Firesign Theater...
"There she was...at the top of the stairs...all those curves under that flimsy burnoose..."

I guess ya had to be there.
Inspiration strikes again.

oh and Tooloose is now working on a alien space monkey detective story set in New Orleans.
"But you've never been to New Orleans!" I told him.
And he replied that he'd never been to the planet Goroptia either but he's writing about that...

I did an academic piece in this journal.: REVIEW OF DISABILITY STUDIES
About a GREAT book by Andrew Beierle called FIRST PERSON PLURAL


JKB said...

For a second there, I was panicked you'd been to my blog.

Then I read the rest of the entry.

Muchloff from Jen-I-Whine only sometimes)


ORION said...

OMG!!! That is SO funny!!! I was just playing around with Genuine lol!!!

Mystery Robin said...

I can well understand the urge- I have a huge weakness for pulp!

Also, I thought I'd pass on that my girls started hula lessons this week. I'm sure a trip to Hawaii is in the not so distant future. ;)

Les said...

Now I have John Hiatt's great song stuck in my head. Do you know it? The Tiki Bar Is Open. He's one of my favorite musicians.