Wednesday, April 01, 2009


It was supposed to have been a leisurely motor around the harbor. Maybe swing by the fuel dock for an ice cream. Poke our noses out and watch the surfers at Inbetweens and Kaisers and check out the fishermen throwing their lines off Ala Moana.
Aw heck lets go a little further.
Oops it's rolling swells.
I'm getting wet.
Lets turn around.
Sudden silence where there should have been a gently humming outboard engine.

Me: "Honey is there something wrong with the engine?"

Him: (growling) "No."

Me: "Are you sure sweetie?"

Him: (growling louder while pulling the ropey starter thingy) YES I'M SURE!!!"

Me: "Should we ask those nice men laughing on the shore to help us?"

Him: "NO!!!"
Let's just say we were lucky to have a pair of oars.
Rowing hard against the wind and current. The threat of the rocky breakwater. Blisters forming on tender fingers that should have been typing away on a keyboard...all this and more.
But I have to admit it was fun imagining the headlines.

"Author lost at sea. Husband says 'she was right there and then I turned around and she was gone.'"

Look at the bright side. Signed works always rise in value on ebay after the artist dies mysteriously.


Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

I thought for a moment the motor fell off! If it did, how could he possibly deny it?

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

P.S. Don't die.

ORION said...

Tee hee!!! We took the motor off so hubby can work on it...personally I think it looks better w/o the motor

Anonymous said...

"... And she was gone" could be arranged, ya know.
Zoroaster's Dog

Janet said...

You can't die yet. You haven't signed my copy.

ORION said...

hey jane you know I have book plates that I can me and send me your address and I'll send you one!

Janet said...

Ah. Sign Janet's book and you're free to die with a good conscience, eh? LOL!

That's very sweet of you.

Holly Kennedy said...

Ugh... Remind me to never take a boat ride with you two!

Alexander Field said...

Nothing like a three hour tour eh? Great story (even if you typed it with blistered fingers). : )

Michelle O'Neil said...

"pulling the ropey starter thingy"

Your way with technical jargon is intimidating!

Glad you are safe and sound.

BClark said...

Rope starter thingy, makes perfect sense to me. Once while out fishing in one of Florida's lakes we also had to make our way back to shore sans engine. Only one paddle, lake was pretty shallow so manly man towed the boat. I was not getting in that water, visions of gators and water moccicins, yuck.