Sunday, March 08, 2009


Your marine science minute...

Sometimes just walking down the dock you see very unusual things. Unexpected things.
I stood there watching the fish hunt while I took photos with my iPhone -- I collected quite a crowd.
"Hey it's walking around."
"Are those legs?"
No, I told them. They're modified pectoral fins.
Once a science teacher always a science teacher. They're lucky I didn't assign them two chapters to read and an essay to write.
I forget how cool it is to hang out in a harbor and what good fun it is to be a writer.
Those people didn't know it but they became characters in a scene I wrote later that day.
Coming into contact with an author can be hazardous to your privacy.
Be afraid.
Be VERY afraid.


Heidi said...

so funny!! love that they became characters!!

We have a fish around here that "walks" as well, and it's destroying the environment, apparently. Taking over someone else's habitat or something. I've never seen it, but it could be very interesting.

I'll just make sure if I do, I keep my mouth shut... I'd rather write the books than be in them! :)

Kim Stagliano said...

Were you wearing a certain Tshirt at the time? :)

ORION said...

yeah Heidi I've heard of that- I think it's a type of lung fish.
And what about those carp that fling themselves out of the water and knock out fishermen?
Aquatic life can be brutal...
And Kim- my T-shirt was nicely folded in my order to not be suspicious. I wear it secretly.
For those who don't know Kim sent me a T-shirt that read "Careful or you'll end up in my next novel."

Holly Kennedy said...

"modified pectoral fins"

Pat says stuff like this all the time and whenever she does I give her a... very. blank. stare.
(why encourage it, right?)

ORION said...

hahahahha! Holly is right. I'm full of science aphorisms.

BClark said...

Motivational, charming, funny and now educational. What more could we want from our favorite author.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love this. It's all material.