Monday, March 16, 2009


So I wasn't really looking for inspiration when I watched the Honolulu Festival Parade. I was taking a break from my next big revision...and...voila!!!

A real honest to goodness fire breathing dragon.
Everybody's got them.
It occurred to me that revision is like fighting the dragon. You have to kill it to go any further. It's scary. It's hard. Dragons can be tricky and mean.
When you succeed however you feel on top of the world.
And then?
Well there's always the next task in any good fantasy.
And in the parade I found mine:
The giant lighted beating drum...

Who knew?
So what's your big bug a boo?
Tooloose says his is "findin tha Kiddee fud bol emtee."


Anonymous said...

Beware the insidious invisible cultural bias. In western culture, dragons are symbols of evil, to be killed otherwise defeated. In eastern culture, dragons are good luck and are revered. Like many things in life, dragons can have two faces if you allow yourself to take two vantage points.
Zoroaster's Dog

Ello said...

Oh wow! I'm jealous! That looks like a wonderful parade!

My revision was definitely a fire breathing dragon! Just found out from my agent that I went down the wrong path for 3 months. sigh. Have to start revising all over again!!!

I would have loved to have had a parade to derive inspiration from! I'm definitely needing some!

Dawn Anon said...

I'll be glad when I find the dragons (good or bad). Right now I'm just watching moss grow (my weekend Aha moment).

... love the drum!

ORION said...

oh my you are right Mr. dog...
so my revision is will lead to amazing and wonderful why do I smell my hair burning?