Sunday, November 02, 2008


I discovered another great way to procrastinate.

For years I've been writing on my salon table. It's too high. The seat makes my back hurt. I have to move everything for dinner time.
I needed a new place. My own space. And I found it right under my nose (so to speak).
It's where I used to keep the kitty box.
So Tooloose and Girl Kitty are out of the forward cabin and it's mine...mwa ha ha ALL MINE!!!!

So what's the big deal about having your own place to write you say?
It's comforting. It gets my stuff in one area. AND I CAN SHUT THE DOOR.
No more Tooloose strolling by to get help on his Alien Space Monkey Memoir.
So where do you guys write?
How do you procrastinate?
Inquiring authorial minds want to know.


Travis Erwin said...

I procrastinate by reading the blogs of people like you -- those already the glitz and glamorous life I someday hope top lead.

Yes, I too want my own writing space to share with the kitty box.

Sarah Laurence said...

Pat, I hope Tooloose isn’t too pissed at you. You might want to hide your MS until he’s used to the swap. I saw your original writing arrangement and marveled how you could manage. This new one is much better. One day, maybe, you’ll have a dinghy to your own.

I write in my home office which I will no longer call small. It’s important to have a door and easy access to the galley so we are both set. My favorite procrastination would be blogging and, like Travis, reading other blogs. Guilty as charged.

Michelle O'Neil said...

I write in a big old attic (converted into office) and it's MINE,all mine! I procrastinate by reading blogs, and looking at videos on YouTube, and eating chocolate, and then drinking coffee to wash down the chocolate, but wait, I need another bite, and so on.

Heidi said...

So funny... I just had a week of procrastinating/moving things around too! I usually move furniture; this time I just redesigned my blog. It upsets my husband less!

Very cool to find a private place on a boat! That can't be easy!

Madison said...

I write wherever my computer is. And since it is a laptop, that can be anywhere! :-)

ORION said...

oh you guys are SOOO good.
yeah I have to pacify Tooloose!
I'm jealous of the attic...and the office...

Katie Alender said...

I used to write in the office and sew in the sewing room, and then somehow my husband caught on to the fact that I had two rooms and he had none. So now I write in the sewing room, and that is the biggest help to my procrastination. If I don't feel like writing, I just go try to organize fabric (or yes, move furniture around).

Stephen Parrish said...

I write in an attic with no AC. It gets so hot in the summer, no one comes up to bother me. Privacy has its price.

I solved my writing procrastination problem years ago. Nowadays I write to procrastinate doing housework. I do housework to procrastinate visiting the inlaws.

Anonymous said...

I type on a desktop computer that's sitting on a computer stand with hutch. I always print out my ongoing manuscript and store it in a 3 ring binder that I store on a bookcase. Soooo organized, yeah?

No problem with procrastination. I write every day, but not always at the same time.

No guilt trips!

Lauri Shaw said...

What a cute office you have.

Hmm, where do I write? Ideally, I sit cross-legged on the day bed, propped up on pillows. I feel like a queen.

The worst place I ever wrote, though, was in a JFK airport terminal. I sat on the floor, plugged into an outlet, and popped in my earplugs. Somehow I polished off 1500 words that way. I suppose we can do anything we have to do on a deadline.

And how do I procrastinate? By reading other people's blogs!

Ric said...

I built in half my garage for an office a few years back - have windows all around. Not likely you have a garage, Pat. Do you even have a window?

Procrastination - after reading too many blogs, I play just a couple games of Mahjongg - then, it's noon and I have to go work at my other job. Damned Chinese.

dan radke said...

I write long-hand in my papazon.

It's impossible to write at my computer. I'm constantly looking at drudgereport for election stuff, blogs, and especially the site meter for my own blog. I swear I visit it 30 times a day to marvel at the 10 hits my blog gets a day. It's pretty pathetic, really.

4,784 words for NaNo though!

ORION said...

Way to go dan!
and yes I have windows ric- on a boat we call them ports on the side and hatches in the ceiling.
Ah those of you with many rooms.
And you procrastinate reading my blog!
Such a symmetry to that don't you think-
Writers causing other writers to procrastinate...

Dawn Anon said...

Oh, hahaha... under your nose! That was funny!

My writing spot is a bad spot. On the laptop (or in journals, if I'm handwriting) in the middle of the livingroom floor. And this helps answer your procratination question.

Procrastination.... channel surf, pause, watch tv, check dinner, answer the text message from my son asking if i'm still reading, realize that I didn't lay out my clothes for tomorrow so i get up and do that, get the dog toy out from under the tv cabinet for the 15th time, run to take the burning rolls out of the oven, listen to the significant other's latest political rant, and chase the dog away from the cat. Oh yah.. and surf the blogs for the third time this evening. :)

I want to organize and remodel the bedroom and write in there.

Holly Kennedy said...

Hey, I recognize that new office of yours! Isn't that the forward cabin where I slept with the stars staring down at me through the open hatch above??!!

Great spot to write.

Heidi the Hick said...

When we fixed up our basement three years ago I specifically pictured one big corner being my little "work nest".

It was good, but it ran the risk of being the dropoff spot for every piece of paper in the house. I have a weakness for clutter and it showed up here real bad.

I developed a strong aversion to it and for the last 9 10 months I've been upstairs either on the couch or at the dining room table.

Not ideal, for all the reasons you mentioned!

I'm determined to reclaim my nest. I might even re arrange it to make it more appealing and less conducive to cluttering. This should give me hours of procrastination! Also I spend a lot of time at the barn, and that takes up lots of hours but they're absolutely well spent.

Maybe some day I'll get a room with a door. Right now I can't use that as an excuse to avoid work though.

Well that's enough procrastinating for today...

Joanne said...

I move from computer to computer, depending on which room is quietest, which computer not in use. We could use a computer schedule here.

ORION said...

Moving from room to room sounds fun. I could go from above deck to below deck...let me work on that...

Kanani said...

After a rather tumultuous couple of months, I'm ready to get back to the MS. I procrastinate by: blogging, shopping, and cleaning the house. Three things I really should stop doing. I also procrastinate by lurking around over here. This, I probably should not stop doing.

As for Tooloose, I'm sure you've already been reported. If I were you, I'd watch your back. By the way, do you know about the Blog Blast For Peace started by Mimi Writes? There's a load of Cat Bloggers blogging for peace as well.

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

I mostly curl up on my genuine imitation naugahide recliner with my laptop because there's too much crap on my dining room table.

It's easier to wipe up the spills that way.

trblmkrtess said...

We bought back our old house: 1100 sq feet, and moved out of our "new" (12 yrs) house a couple of years ago. Before we left, I painted the "boys" room pink--just so they wouldn't want it back when we returned. Only problem was, I forgot that I don't like pink either (really, it was "baby" pink--eww). So, when we moved back, I glazed three walls a deep fuschia and then blew glitter over all of them. (Really, it's cool!) Glazed the last wall bright orange, and even though it faces south, painted a huge yellow "sun" around the window. Ta da--my "office." Uh-huh.

Apparently, I was the only one who thought so since crap from every other person in the house kept showing up in there. Even I didn't want to spend time there--too cold! Finally, this year, I added an apple green bed and covered the walls with my youngest daughter's artwork. I pitched everyone else's crap o-u-t. Even so, my laptop has only occupied the space a time or two. I much prefer my "nest" a corner (and a three-foot perimeter) of the couch.

So, how do I procrastinate? Check e-mail, bank account, news...repeat. Check a couple of blogs, answer a couple of e-mails, read a book. Accept jobs that handcuff me from writing--i.e. watching the grandbaby. Food network. Oprah if she's not off in freakin' new-age land or interviewing some "celebrity." (Oh, wait, that would be practically every day!) Read a book. Read a book. Read a book.