Sunday, March 09, 2008


10:20 pm and 46 degrees. Yes. That's right. FORTY-SIX.

I had to take the photos of the horses at the Calgary Airport.

Before I left Seattle I had an amazing discussion with the Northwest Airlines book club. Good food. Good conversation. Good questions. These ladies totally ROCK!

Okay now I'm in Canada. I had to go through customs. As soon as I saw the dogs I got a little nervous. I mean really... what if tooloose got the bright idea to sneak a little contraband catnip in my suitcase?
Customs lady: Why are you here in Canada?
Me:'m visiting.
Customs lady: Why are you visiting.
Me:'m visiting my author uh...I like her?
Customs lady. What is your friend's name.
NOTE* The customs lady is looking at me very sternly and motioning the dog over.
Me: (hopefully)Her name is Holly Kennedy. I'm an author too.
Customs lady: Did you bring your books?
NOTE* customs lady is frowning and I start sweating. She is OBVIOUSLY not a reader.
Me: one give her for like...uh a present you know...Doesn't anybody give you presents? Ha ha. (Laughs weakly)
Customs lady: (Not laughing)where does your friend live?

(Okay readers I have to say that I COMPLETELY had a black out temporary loss of memory)
I said um and er and gee and then took a guess.
Me: She lives in Calgary? (I figured since that's where I landed it would be a good guess.)
Well she let me go but I could tell she was reluctant...
Stay tuned for MORE adventures in Canada. Oh and I am really lucky Holly picked me up as I never took Canadian in school. Holly speaks fluent Canadian.
I'm learning.


ChristineEldin said...

I have a friend who is moving to Calgary. She's actually leaving in a few days. We're dog sitting until they get settled. She's never been to Calgary, and is a little nervous. Could you post a few nice/fun things I could tell her? I know she's read all teh books, etc, but it's not quite the same as hearing some tidbits from someone who's visiting.

Hope you two have a great time!!!
Is there snow?

Nathan said...

good lord woman! glad to see that you made it in one piece. Hawaii misses you.. come back quick!

your #1 fan who has never read your book

Therese said...

I speak a little Canadian, after four years of living in northern Minnesota. The language is contagious, so be careful!

D. Robert Pease said...

See, I thought you were going to go to somewhere cold. 46 degrees! Balmy! 18 here today with 20" of snow on the ground. (My kids were enjoying the biggest snow in about 30 years, all weekend.)

Sarah Miller said...

46 degrees! Wow. That sounds downright warm to me!

Ello said...

HA! I have a great customs officer story. One day I shall share it! but this was great!

Travis Erwin said...

Hawaii to Canada. I'll bet the customs lady was just envious of your tan.

ORION said...

Travis- that's probably it!
Hey aloha nathan!!!
Take notes for me this week-
So Holly and I took her dog for a walk and went through snow and along a river...
I will provide all the details in my next blog...

Sustenance Scout said...

You crack me up, Pat! Great book club photo with what looks like a very fun group. Enjoy Calgary, eh! K.

Michelle O'Neil said...

What a fun looking group! Have a great trip. Brrr..

Chumplet said...

She probably hadn't had her Tim Horton's coffee yet.

If in doubt, always say "How's it goin', eh?"

If discussing sports, never never say, "How about those Leafs?" especially if you're in the West.

Holly Kennedy said...

Yes, picking Pat up at the airport was a treat.

I phoned her cell, pulled up to the curb (idling slowly past at about 30 km), opened the door, and yelled, "Get in the car!" All of this done while three dobermans and two customs agents chased her out of the building ?!?!?!

Damn American! She just doesn't know how to follow the rules.

ORION said...

I guess that's Outback Steakhouse

Sustenance Scout said...

Oh my, you're all killing me!!

Janet said...

46? Who turned up the heat? It's not supposed to thaw out until April.

writtenwyrdd said...

She wasn't reluctant to let you in, she was just trying to decide whether or not you were lying to her. That's because when you get nervous, the non-psychic customs officer has to decide if you are trying to hide something or just panicking (like people do) in a situation where they're afraid. It's a common generalized fear that non-frequent crossers experience!