Thursday, February 14, 2008


Founder's Library at Northern Illinois University. My master's thesis resides there. I spent hours in this library.

I am simply in shock. My alma mater.
Manic mommy and I both attended Northern Illinois University. I was there from 1977 to 1982. I earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree there. My son flew kites on campus and played with his toy trucks down the corridor of Montgomery Hall while I attended class. He was even chased by the famous goose that lived in the lake.
Located out in the middle of the cornfields, DeKalb was as safe a place as you could possibly find.
Disco. Saturday Night Live. Wet tee shirt contests. The humid summers and the snow encrusted winters.
I am so sorry that this has happened. We so need to eliminate how easy it is to get guns in this country.
My heart aches for the people who endured this trauma and destruction.
There is nothing more to say.


Anonymous said...

Oh Patricia, I couldn't agree more. We must get rid of the guns? But also, how do we reach these troubled people before they harm others and/or themselves? In some ways it feels like we are failing on a much bigger scale than just on gun control alone.

Manic Mom said...

You're bringing tears.

I too cannot believe that this is OUR school. The place where I met my husband. Where you could walk to class, feel safe. I sat in that lecture hall SO MANY TIMES. I NEVER FEARED in that hall. NEVER.

Now though, even when I take my children to a freaking McDonald's for a stupid ass hamburger, I'm on alert. I watch the people who walk in. I watch as they go for their wallet to buy a Value Meal. Are they pulling out their money or are they angry and ready to unload their anger on all of us.

Today, my 10 year old is going on a field trip. How do I let him go?

The sickness in the pit of my stomach. When does it go away?

Holly Kennedy said...

I feel sick every time I read about one of these all-too-common shootings. Absolutely sick.

Yes, get rid of the guns. Every time I cross the border from Canada into the U.S. it's the first thing on my mind.

ORION said...

I used to walk all over that campus at all hours. I did my research in the biology building and was there until 3 am. I DO think that we need to take a lesson from Canada. It's too easy to get guns here. Way too easy.

Bookfool said...

I so agree and I'm sorry to hear that one of those horrible shootings occurred at a place so near and dear to your heart.

What worries me most is that the shootings are becoming so ridiculously common. I know our local newspaper is just flat weird, but when stories about mass shootings begin to break on page 6, something's wrong. Are we so inured to the concept of people shooting at random that it's not even considered newsworthy, or is that just my bizarre little town?

Hugs to you and Manic Mom and prayers for those involved.

Lisa R said...

I agree. I grew up in Australia where you didn't have this kind of thing because every Tom, Dick and Harry couldn't get a gun! It's just so sad and such a waste!

Les said...

Every shooting, whether it be in a school, college, shopping mall, etc. is simply heartbreaking. Having lost a child to gun violence, my heart breaks for the families involved. It's just such a terrible waste.

Chumplet said...

It's heartbreaking, sad and mind-boggling. Humans weren't meant to inflict violence on one another. I wonder what makes us do it.

I suppose it's the biggest drawback to having the power to think. Some of us think too much and twist things around until somebody's dead.

But we can't live in fear. No matter how much it scares us, we have to eventually walk out that front door.