Sunday, November 18, 2007



And you can order the Swedish version HERE
Doesn't it look like Perry's exuberance and joy.
I think it's lovely.
What do you think?
I believe a close translation of the title would be "fortunate lottery winner" but that's as close as I can come. I welcome all comers to help me out. Babelfish is not my friend...

If you live in the Netherlands you can enter a contest to win a vacation!! Tell what you would do with 12 million dollars? Well? What would YOU do?

As we approach Thanksgiving I'm reminded of where I was last year at this time. My final tweaked manuscript was turned over to my agent and she planned on submitting to editors the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I readied myself for a long wait.
Well I have a stack of books with my name on them that I carry around in my car.
Touloose has been playing nurse.
I had a brief touch of the flu while I was letting my current project sit (funny how that happens)tomorrow I will get back to work.
I think I got sympathy flu from Holly...
A big thanks to fuzzysound for letting me know his autographed copy of LOTTERY arrived safe and sound - he won Church Lady's contest last weekend.
AND I will be in San Francisco from December 6 through the 10th. Any of you SF bloggers who want books signed let me know! I'll be signing some stock at Barnes and Noble and Borders - email me if you want to hook up. Remember Christmas is coming! (How can we forget!)
So aloha and someone help me translate!!


Bente R. Liseth said...

Hi Pat.
How wonderful to see your book in Sweedish!! I read the review and it says Lottery is a novell to love, filled with laughter as well as sadness. Further it says Lottery is a really feel-good-novell that offers a heartbreaking story filled with laughter, tooth grind (I don´t know if that makes sence in your language) sadness, and a wonderful, happy ending.

I hope my "tranlation" does not cause as much entertainment that my friend Babel Fish.


L.C.McCabe said...


Hey you are coming the SF Bay area!

That's so cool.

Here's a recommendation for a restaurant for you to check out:

It is a landmark restaurant/bar. It's not fancy, but it has good food at reasonable prices with a fun atmosphere. Reasonable prices in San Francisco is not something easily found.

You should also see if your publicist can get you any interviews on KGO radio.
It's the biggest radio station in Northern California and there are author interviews all the time. (It also does *not* have right-winged wacko programming, which is pretty prevalent when it comes to talk radio stations. Just to make you feel a little better about the station.)

It would be good to get an interview on KGO to help publicize your signings.

BTW, I live in Sonoma County which is about an hour and a half north of "the city." Should you wish to try to extend your trip either for business (signings at one or more bookstores here) or just pleasure - you are welcome to avail yourself of my hospitality. That is if you'd like to suffer being Deep in the Heart of California Wine Country.

(We have a full bed and bathroom downstairs available for guests and/or I can show you around to some choice wineries during the day.)

BTW, previously you blogged about mangled automatic translations: I have had similar experiences with French.

I have been researching an obscure saint who supposedly was once a soldier for Charlemagne. One online source's legend of Saint Namphaise had a Google English translation that made me spew coffee on my monitor it was so strange. Here is that improbable translated sentence:

"A convent of chocolate ├ęclairs will succeed to him which will have a tragic destiny: the nuns fall into paganism and sacrifice children to the gods of the abysses."

So on my recent trip to France I had to go in search of that mythical convent of chocolate ├ęclairs. If you're interested, here's a link to my write up about that search:

Here's hoping you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!


Melissa Marsh said...

I love the cover! It really represents Perry well, I think.

Polly Kahl said...

Ditto, Great cover. Why didn't they just use the original image? Whatever the reason was, they caught the same feeling.

ORION said...

Polly- the original image is actually Putnam's so other publishers need to get permission to use it - the Dutch publisher did - most publishers create their own covers.
Thank you to my cousins for translating!!
And I c I am into total decadence for SF and it will be a short whirlwind trip - I already did radio there in August so don't think they'll have me do anymore...

Maprilynne said...

It's totally beautiful!! Hooray for you! . . . and Perry.;)

Holly Kennedy said...

Oh, I really like this cover.
Very nice!

Sam said...

Love, love Love the cover! And I'm glad you're feeling better.
How fun about the contest - what a great idea!
If I won that much money - I'd put some aside for my kid's education. I'd buy a house. And I'd put some aside for travel.
And, as long as I'm dreaming, I'd
buy a bookstore too...

Demon Hunter said...

Oh, I love the Swede cover, Pat. I guess I'll be buying your book as Christmas gifts as well... :*) Everyone keeps trying to steal my copy.

ORION said...

Yeah demon! I think LOTTERY would make GREAT Christmas presents.
Hey, how about in Dutch and one in English or even three!

Danette Haworth said...

I love the cover! It really does catch Perry's exuberance--no translation needed!

Church Lady said...

That cover looks fun, fun, fun!!! I like it better than the English cover! (although both are very nice)

Glad you're feeling better. :-)

My Semblance of Sanity said...

How exciting to see your foreign cover!
Can't wait to read the book!!!!

Katrina Stonoff said...

The cover is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing it with us.