Friday, August 17, 2007


We are all artists deep inside and sometimes on the outside too.
This is my friend Dee. She amused me and introduced me to her friends in Portland.

9 am and 80 degrees.
I got to thinking -- the more people I've met during my talks and booksignings-- we are all artists to some extent. My buddy Dee is a wonderful painter -- she creates works of art- stories using color in the same way I create stories with words.
These are the woods around her house. She tried to lose me but I had breadcrumbs out.

I tried to take photographs of her pieces. Multiply what you see by a thousand and that's how beautiful they are in person.

Aren't they cool?
And you don't even have to win the LOTTERY to buy her stuff...
Anyway before Dee had a chance to abandon me in the woods again, her dog Pippin came to the rescue.

Dogs are good at that.
I could never depend on Touloose to save my life.
He won't run through the forrest.
This is what he is good at:

Go with your strengths.
That's what Touloose believes.
Go with your strengths.


Lisa R said...

I agree with Touloose. See, this is why some of us have cats and some of us have dogs! Seriously, I like this post and you are so right about all of us having an inner artist. I love it.

Zany Mom said...

I wish I were a cat, but deep down my inner dog (let's go, let's play, let's visit, excited pant pant pant) can't sleep all day...

Kanani said...

Well, I've always said that a dog will save your life, while a cat will simply demand something from you while you are dying.

Hey, I love those paintings! Yes, we have to follow our instincts even when everyone else says you're crazy (which is all the time) or want you to conform to some standard (which is all the time)!

Gay said...

I'd never quite thought of it that way, Kanani, but you are so right. I still love my cat, though... because he doesn't pretend he's doing other than what he is.

Great post, only I'm afraid that I'm an inner schizophrenic. Too many things I've done, want to do, hope to do again. Scary.

liz fenwick said...

Great's quite a journey to reach the inner artist.

writtenwyrdd said...

My cat Cosmo will "protect" me from the dog when we are playing. The dog gets growly and the cat attacks him with vicious intent to keep the dog off of me. Maybe it's jealousy, but he only does it when the dog actually growls.

He's a dog-like cat.

Your friend Dee's watercolors (?) are gorgeous. I paint in acrylic and do pen and ink or pencil; but watercolor allows for no mistakes and requires a ton of skill.

Zany Mom said...

I just noticed that Toulouse has a heart-shaped marking on his chin. Cool!

ORION said...

WW- Dee works with a bunch of different stuff including watercolor- They ARE really amazing.
"Using the whitespace"- that's what I found most interesting. In writing it would be what you DONT say. I think we all have whitespace in our lives...

Holly Kennedy said...

Touloose is adorable!
And those are beautiful paintings. I could never paint, but I guess there is an inner artist at work when it comes to my passion for writing.

Dana said...

I love your pictures - all those trees! And the paintings are great!

Bernita said...

Touloose doesn't believe in la trek, obviously.
Beautiful cat.
Makes me yearn.

debra said...

You are absolutely correct about all of being artists. Creativity manifests in different ways, some more obvious than others, I think.
I JUST finished reading Lottery. It was a great read. Thank you