Thursday, July 19, 2007


MY FRIEND RICK IS SAILING HIS SAILBOAT WIND MAGIC ACROSS THE PACIFIC. As a going away present I gave him an autographed copy of LOTTERY.
It's appropriate don't you think? LOTTERY has characters who love boats and sailing. It also gives Rick's crew something to read on one of the longest passages you can make on a sailboat.

I helped them cast off lines and followed them around to the back of ORION taking pictures.

Less than two weeks before its release date LOTTERY is being shipped out by BARNES & NOBLE and is garnering reviews like this one M G Tarquini did on SPINE TINGLER . My novel and I are on a passage too, just like Rick and WIND MAGIC.

Off we go.

Out the mouth of the harbor. Not knowing what will happen.
"Sailing vessel Wind Magic requesting out bound clearance."

The voyage has begun. It could take three weeks, maybe four. The weather will be unpredictable. Gale force winds or utter calm.
And my friend Rick and I?
When will we meet up again?
We will meet on September 16 at my library reading.
Because you see, Rick is on his way to Everett.
Everett Marina.
Where LOTTERY takes place.
Appropriate don't you think?


Therese said...

Hey, I got here first!

LOTTERY IS getting reviews! One just appeared on my blog. Talk about coincidences...

LadyBronco said...

How cool is that?


Manic Mom said...


M. G. Tarquini said...

This is so very cool. So very very cool. Have I mentioned how cool this is?

The Anti-Wife said...

This is so cool cause if your friend Rick is at the reading in Everett, I'll get to meet him!

Bernita said...

Fair winds to your ship of dreams.

Adrienne said...

How lovely! And what beautiful pictures, you are a multi talented woman ma dear!

Mia King said...

I have chills. Keep us posted and let us know when Lottery reaches Everett!