Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So how are radio interviews done? Well it takes a land line. Complete quiet. And a washer and dryer.

82 degrees and 9:23 pm.
Countdown to the interview.
I had my pen, my paper, my books.
I had my chair.
My phone.
My other phone.
And mary. Chief photographer and security detail.
At 3:30 pm the marina is usually sleepy and quiet. I depended on this fact. But...
As soon as the radio personality (that's the new word for DJ's) called on my cell I yelled at Mary.
"Keep everybody out!" She tried. Oh how she tried.
People walked by with boom boxes. All the fishing boats in the front row revved their engines.
Every bird with in a three mile radius trilled and sang right outside the window
Mary had to take a quick break. While she was gone two of my marina friends walked in and started chatting. I waved my sign.
"Now?" they asked. "Cool are you on the radio live now?"
"Hey mom!" one waves. The other jabs them in the side. "It's radio. I don't think they can see you."
I talk to the radio personality while I frantically pantomime choking them both.
I mouth "BE QUIET!"
Mary runs in and yells, " SHHHHHHH!!!!
Thank goodness the wonderful world of radio allows some editing.
I have no idea what I said. I hope I was coherent.
Bloggers in Seattle? Listen to KRWM FM Sunday August 5.
Then let me know how I did.


Bernita said...

Things they never tell you about the business...

writtenwyrdd said...

OMG, use this for a story somewhere, Pat! Hilarious! I do hope it went well.

Anonymous said...

Ha, very funny. For some reason this reminds me of trying to speak to someone on the phone, anyone really, signaling to my children, TIME TO SWARM. Pawing, clawing and whining for the phone.

"It's the cable company."

"I want to talk, let me talk."

Believe me, I'm tempted.

Wish we could all hear your interview, I'm sure it was fantastic.

Kim Stagliano said...

Wow, Orion has a NICE laundry room.

Adrienne said...

Awesome picture! And come on, I bet all that atmosphere just added to the appeal of the interview! Congrats, looks like it was a lot of fun!

Holly Kennedy said...

Too funny, Pat. I can easily picture it, you waving your sign (eyes bulging) and Mary flattened against the door outside :)

Capture the interview in a soundbite so we can all hear it on your blog/website!

The Anti-Wife said...

Do you know what time on Sunday the 5th?

My dogs never bark unless I'm on the phone or trying to have a conversation with someone. People and dogs are alike in some ways.

Manic Mom said...

Oh how fun!!! You're just lucky no one came in with an armful of dirty skivvies looking for the washer!!!

BTW, the lottery tix I purchased yesterday yielded me... NOTHING!

But, like Perry L. Crandall, I will still keep trying!

Lisa R said...
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Lisa R said...

That's so funny Pat. You made my morning and I'm still laughing. I can just see you frantically waving your sign. Good for you.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'm not sure what I'm laughing at hardest - the Big Time Author hunkering in a laundry room to give an interview, or the fact your marina puts flowers in your laundry room!

Travis Erwin said...

I've checked a dozen bookstores between here and Oklahoma City. Guess I'll hav eto wait unitlt he official release. Looking forward to it.

Therese said...

I might be willing to live on a boat if I could have access to a laundry room like that!

Kanani said...

Remember those ads in the back of comic books when we were kids?

"You can have a wonderful career as a writer."

I think this photo should accompany and ad like that.

But I like the potted flowers in the background. Did you provide this, or is this some kind of swanky laundry room?

ORION said...

Seriously I had no idea they were there!
I will post the website of the radio station and you all can listen to my interview.
It will be rated 1-10 on artistic impression and technical merit.

Sarah Miller said...

That photo cracks me right up. And I'm very jealous of your Strand tote bag.

Wendy Roberts said...

I'm sure you were BRILLIANT!

Kimber An said...

Ah, the glamourous life of an author!

Demon Hunter said...

I would have choked them both, but I'm sure that your interview went on without a hitch! :*)

Anonymous said...

As an aside, has anyone else finished HP? I'm hosting a discussion at my blog because everyone I "physically" know is taking too long to finish.

Lisa R said...

I finished Harry Potter on Saturday. I loved it. I'm now on my third pass through the book. I'm enjoying it more with each reading.