Saturday, June 30, 2007


11 am and 82 degrees. I had a request to put the flap copy on my blog so here it is.
This "hook" evolved over the course of five months primarily from my editor along with my input. It was tweaked and groomed until we all felt it gave readers an idea of what they would be reading but not giving anything away.
My one sentence pitch has remained the same:
"Forrest Gump wins Powerball"
I use Forrest Gump not because my novel parallels that book -- but because the characters are both termed "Slow." It gives someone an immediate "picture" of what my novel is like.
When you can create that short pitch that is vivid and visceral -- you have what is termed a "high concept" novel.
This is why writers should spend as much time perfecting their hook or synopsis as they do writing their novel. I go back to my one page synopsis and revisit it as I am writing or editing.
Many times it is useful to have individuals who have not read your novel to read your "flap copy" or "hook."
They can give feedback whether you are clear or not.
(I am still open for contest ideas -- read previous post)


Manic Mom said...

While I am so excited that "MY" wish has become your command, I was also thinking along the lines that my wish was to win a copy of the book!!!

Thanks for sharing the blurb with us, and do you think this is incredibly ironic or what--on our TV right this very moment, Forrest Gump is on, and my son is enthralled with it, having never seen it.

Thanks for making my wish happen... now, about that other one! hee hee!

Janet said...

I am idea-less for your contest, but I am very impressed by your story concept. How ever did it occur to you? (I love those "how I came up with the idea" stories.)

ORION said...

Actually there will be an article in "backstory" about this very thing.
I do a lot of "What ifs" many of which are never used for a premise but others have lead to my novels.
Maybe I should blog about it? Would it be interesting for you guys to hear the story?
Let me know.

Lisa R said...

I have heard the story and I found it very interesting and I think others would too - go for it. I am still thinking about the contest but I haven't had a brainstorm yet. Maybe soon.

Kimber An said...

Hey, Pat. Thanks for motivating me to work on my hook. I've got a rough draft for the query of HOLY BENNU, but no solid hook yet. Well, I've got a couple of months to get it before the queries go out!

Holly Kennedy said...

Instead of entering the contest, I'll buy a hard cover in Maui this summer and have you autograph it when I'm there :)

Great flap copy, Pat.

Are you caring a hard cover aroudn with you wherever you go?!! It's hard not to, huh?

Congrats from Canada where it's the July 1st 'Canada Day' long weekend (Monday is a stat holiday for everyone who's not a writer). Next weekend, you guys get to celebrate!

Kiskadee said...

Well, if I don;t win I'm of course going to buy a copy in August and get Pat to sign it when she comes to London (we have a date! Yippie!!!)

Anyway, my idea, based on Pat's suggestion from the last group of comments, is this:
Contestants have to persuade a friend to come to Pat's blog and write a post beginning:
"I want to read Lottery because..."

Pat gets to decide who wins.... or simply pick one from a hat.

writtenwyrdd said...

That is one of the best blurbs, ever, Pat. Your book sounds like an excellent read DESPITE being likened to Forrest Gump (hated it) and I am waiting anxiously for the copy in the mail.

I don't read a lot of mainstream fiction, but I'd have read this one even if I hadn't heard about it through your blog. That description is just too good.

Bet you a nickel you have lightning in a bottle with this one. Movie to follow...

Kiskadee said...

Other possibilities: you bring a friend, who says how they would spend $12 million.

Or, the friend creates a funny anagram for LOTTERY. For instance:

Ladies Of Terrifying Taste Eagerly Read on Yachts.

Or some other word game using LOTTERY.

Manic Mom said...

Pat--are you doing a book tour?? Will you be in Chicago--I want to book our lunch date right now! : )

And yes, BLOG about how the story and characters came to life for you!

Laura said...

Pat - Looking forward to the book! Maybe I should start playing the WA state lottery! ;)

Laura in Woodinville

ORION said...

Good idea Laura!