Friday, June 29, 2007


9:30 am and 80 degrees.

And more to be soon delivered along with the audio CD!
Sounds like time for a contest!
OK bloggers. Ya wanna win an autographed REAL LIVE COPY of LOTTERY?
You all must think of a suitable activity.
It will include friendship.
It MUST include friendship.
And support.
And helping other writers.
Commenters come out of the cudzo (sorry I know it is Kudzo or something like that).
Lurkers Limit your Languishing and um...comment too...
Give me your ideas and suggestions.
Oh and if I do not have your email for sending you the exciting news about LOTTERY -- then email me at
How does that sound?
Just finished a wonderful book -- watch out JK Rowling -- Here comes ADRIENNE KRESS and ALEX AND THE IRONIC GENTLEMAN!!!!


leatherdykeuk said...

Pass the book around from writer to writer, each of whom adds a comment or message on the inside covers until it eventually returns

Mystery Robin said...

OK, this isn't a suggestion, but I have a question? Where in the world do you keep stuff on your boat? I just noticed the box of books and started to have the heart palpitations I get whenever I get a box of something I must find a place for... and I have a house... albeit with no garage.

Do you have a secret trap door??

ORION said...

OK so I am traumatized.
(Welcome leatherdykeuk and mystery robin!)
My cat leaped across my mac (laptop) and popped 2 keys off my keyboard. They don't seem to just pop on.
Any clues?
Could that be the first contest?
Helping Pat fix her mac?????

ORION said...

robin my stuff is in nooks and crannies. There are lots of places on a fifty foot boat!
OK not a credenza.
But yanno...other things...

ORION said...

My keys are back on!
That was close.

Lisa R said...

OK, which one did it? Girl Kitty or Touloose? Bet I can guess! I'm glad your keys are back to normal. I'm rushing right now but I will take a stab at an idea later tonight.

Kimber An said...

Oh, those books in the box are soooo beeeeyouteeful!

Gay said...

When my Mac lost keys, I had to take it to the Apple store, where they very quickly replaced them. It takes brand new keys. (The plastic hooker-on thingies break off, so the old ones won't stick anymore. I typed without a "v" key forever... just had to hit the spot where the key was, and I'd still get the letter, but it was dang uncomfortable).

A round-robin book would be interesting...

I think you could also have a virtual guest book, but instead of signing, we had to send pictures of our feet, with or without tootsies peeking. It could make for quite a nice album on your site, don't you think? You already have a nice start with your NY pix.

reality said...

But I hate my feet. And I cannot put nail polish.
And I have two ingrowing toe nails.
Want to hear more. :)

Problem with passing the book is, getting it overseas. Unless Pat does a trip around the world. Not a bad idea, though.

I'll come back later with something.

ORION said...

I like the idea of book passing but it creates postal complexity as those out of the US mention.
Since I am a debut author and what debut authors need is word of mouth AND since my book's title is LOTTERY. I am inclined to do something that has to do with friendship AND a drawing (NOT the kind with crayons).
Maybe bringing a new commenter to my site from another blogging world who are also readers and who might like LOTTERY (relatives are permitted) and I can throw both your names in a hat and whatever one wins the other does too???
Excuse me.
My coffee is done.

Manic Mom said...

I love throwing contests on my blog. I have thought about the bringing new readers over, but what happens when six people email you to tell you that Manic Mom has sent them? That lessens MY chances of winning the lottery... hee hee, like that play on words!!!

I have held a contest where a reader had to blow the biggest bubble and submit the photo (it's on there). Sent the winner a fun package with McD's gift card and a bunch of gum.

I have held a contest where readers had to match phrases of songs to the artist--gave away iTunes card.

I have had readers have to guess my favorite ice cream concoction from Cold Stone and the winner got a gift card to Cold Stone...

Let's see... you can come up with something creative! You've written a book for crying out loud!!!! You can make the readers guess how many pages are in the book (I'll jump over to Amazon RIGHT NOW!)... That won't work.

I am just trying to think of a contest to assure me the winner!!!

How many do you plan to give away? I really, really, really, really want one!

I'll be back to see what the contest is going to be!

(I think your best and most fair way would be to just have readers leave a comment, maybe telling you something you want to know about them, and then you do the old, draw a name or five!)

Manic Mom said...

Oh wait, never mind about my chances being lessened if I bring readers over to your site because I just reread that you would let the blogger win too.

I like that idea! I do! I do!

Manic Mom said...

Here's something I was wondering--can you post the inside jacket cover blurb on your site for us? I don't know if you've done this already somewhere?

Manic Mom said...

OH! I got the best contest idea!!!! Whoever leaves the most comments in a row between the times of 8:46 and 8:54 should win a book!!!

(By the way, why the heck does it say 8:46 when it's really 1:46 here?)

ORION said...

What a great idea - do the jacket blurb on my blog.
I will do that...

writtenwyrdd said...

Contest ideas involving friends...
Jeez, that's a tough one. Maybe have people share a writing moment where a friend helped them; or a friendly gesture that made all the difference to them or someone else?

But since this is Lottery, and there's luck as well as friendship and family, why not have people give the luckiest or most coincidental thing that ever happened to them?

Or you could just do a random lottery (heh) of the people that say they want in. Might be simpler for you, Pat!

Toddie said...

I'm not sure how to incorporate the drawing part into this, but here's my idea for the friendship part of the challenge: everytime we finish a milestone of sorts--whether it be completing a chapter, completing a draft, receiving our 50th standard "not right for us" rejection, or any other self-defined milestone--that we celebrate by publicly or privately honoring another writer (published or not) who deserves a nod of appreciation.

Any tweaks to the idea are welcome.

Gay said...

I like toddie's idea, too. We get to enter every time we reach a milestone, and at some predetermined point, you draw the winner by lottery. And for every blogger we send, we could get another entry. We'd get pats (get it, pats?) on the back, you'd increase word-of-mouth, and it would be a lottery.

I just published the 13th Norbert and Smedley column today. So if we're doing milestones, I hope that counts. Smedley is about as unlucky at they come.


Kiskadee said...

What a great idea and I so want to win!!!
But I am so bad at thinking up ideas. I'd like something that will involve all my novel-reading friends (non bloggers) I've have already told about Lottery. Something about creating buzz among our friends. But What???? Oh dear.
Off to put on my thinking cap.

Katie Alender said...

Hurray for your box of books! (I almost typed "books of box", which is still, technically, applicable.)

Friendship... support... helping other writers...

I don't see how it could be a contest, but a "recommend/read a debut author" discussion would be helpful.

Or "stand at the front of the bookstore and make loud, excited sounds about the book of a debut author, and when people come up to see what you're doing, stuff a copy into their hands and steer them toward the register"?

I think I might be on to something.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I don't understand the rules.

ORION said...

hey MG
It's like Outback Steak house

Josephine Damian said...

I suspect it was Girl Kitty who tampered with the computer.

Meezers are notorious for destroying anything you give your attention to when you should give attention to them.

My meezer chewed off a bunch of laptop keys, and in the process re-named my WIP to a file name my computer did not recognize or want to retrieve.

Proof positive of how much I luv my meezer - he's still alive.

There was a certain way of clipping the keys back on. Took me a while to figure it out.

Contests? I know in the online workshop, they have weekly drawings for prizes.

How about a contest for bloggers who've added a link to your blog on their blog?

ORION said...

oh Josephine I like that!
(You are probably right about girl kitty although her brother Touloose is not known for his good manners)