Friday, April 13, 2007


4:30 pm and 84 degrees.
It's good to be home. As soon as I had lunch I pulled on my suit and wandered down to the lagoon. Floating on my back I let all the cold drain away.
All that being said I truly miss New York. I could go back again and again.
With warm clothes.
In the summer.
As a matter of fact I go back in June.
So now back to work writing and preparing for the ramping up. I have articles to write. Interviews to do.
M G TARQUINI is in town!!!!
I must entertain her.
We all will have dinner tonight.
I will blog about it later.
So soon.
It will be back to our regularly scheduled blogging.
Aloha and out.


adrienne said...

I have a lagoon too. It's called my bathtub.

I'm glad you had such an amazing time! There is something so special about that city. Everyone talks about how great it is, and you can't quite understand why. And then you go.

Welcome back though!

LadyBronco said...

Mindy and Pat - in one spot?

Do you have enough wine on hand for the occasion? lol...

M. G. Tarquini said...

We had a grand time. I'll be blogging about it tomorrow also. Pat's got the picture though. So do I, but I don't know how to get it in my computer, so I have to wait for Pat's post to grab the photo.

I also have a photo of 'The Artist at Work'. I'm selling that on eBay.

Kim Stagliano said...

You may be the only person on earth to be happy to "sleep with the fishes" again! Glad your home and warm again.

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh, I mean you're. Eesh.

word ver? ocuybank. Where you store your eyeballs??

Diantha said...

Pat, I almost missed your trip to NYC! A very busy week kept me out of the blogosphere, but I've now caught up on your adventures. So glad to see that you had such a fantastic trip. As always, your energy and joy radiated off the computer.

And I loved the Miss Snark story line! I've been sitting here giggling.

As always, thank you for sharing.


Gay said...

Glad you were there LAST week. Can you imagine if you were there this week with the big storm that's gonna hit? ICK.

How come I never get any vowels in my word ver's? Mine must be Polish, or some other slovakian language... (or do you have to buy them?)

Maprilynne said...

Oh man, I wanna be in town.:)

Seriously though, it is one of my dreams to visit Hawaii and when i do I'll have to stop by the boat of the world famous author I know . . . or at least get withn 100 feet before the big security guys stop me.;)