Saturday, April 14, 2007


Meeting blog buddies.

7:30 am and 74 degrees.
This was too fun for words. We talked so loud and so enthusiastically that all the other customers wanted to be at our table.
I could see them whispering.
Or else they were complaining about us to the manager.
It's so hard to tell don't you think?

Everyone in New York was how I imagined them only far more beautiful, warm, and friendly.
My agent.
My editor.
And then I met some of my blogging buddies--
Kim Stagliano in New York and M G Tarquini from Phoenix (visiting Honolulu).
What I find amazing is email and phone gives a better sketch of what a person is truly like. Because you have that history there are no snap judgments or assumptions.
The connection is made and you know -- no matter what -- you will adore that person.
My blogging buddies are morphing into my friends.
Writing friends that understand the angst and trauma of querying, agenting, and submitting.
Supporters who cheer each publishing success and commiserate over each set back.
A group I am bringing along for the ride as pay back.
Pay back for the enormous cheers I receive each time another milestone is achieved.
I hope to travel to the various places and meet you all when my book comes out. You need to tell me where you are.
I want votes.
Places so far:
San Francisco
Any place else?
Which of these cities can you go to easily?
Come on lurkers!
Help me out here.
The comment thread will be available to voice your opinion.
Gosh it's good to be back!


Zany Mom said...

Well, if you're going back to New York, you *have* to come to Connecticut. :)

LadyBronco said...

You must come to Colorado - even if it's in Denver.
I hate driving in that city, but I would do it just to give you a hug and say 'Brava, ma'am!'

Martha O'Connor said...

San Fran, please! :) xx

Diantha said...

I'm both a lurker - although I am trying to be more sociable - and a newbie one at that, so I feel kind of funny voting, but I would love to meet you. My nearest - and I use the term loosely - metro areas are Chicago and St. Louis.


Anne said...

I already told you, via private email, I'm waiting to see Chicago pop up on your schedule. I'll be at whatever event they've planned for you. Even if I don't corral a few friends to join me in forming a wave section in the front row, I hope I can take you to din din. I promise something Chicago-y.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Hey, Diantha! Do you live in Peoria? My husband almost took a job in Peoria and they kept telling us that when we wanted city lights we could go to Chicago or St. Louis!

Pat's cool. She told me a tale of a shark that ate a bird. With pictures. I'm still getting over the trauma.

Anissa said...

I'm in Phoenix too, so let me know when you're coming!

Therese said...

Gad, you two are adorable!

What a cool thing the blog world can be, hooking us all up this way when we might never have met otherwise.

As for the author tour, well, duh, you have to come to Raleigh. :)

Therese said...

Oh, I meant to ask diantha where she's from (is it Peoria, as M.G. guessed?).

I'm an Illinois native--grew up in Milan, a wart on the heel of the Quad Cities.

Kim Stagliano said...

MG and Pat - what a great photo! Be very grateful you're not in NY THIS week! Nor'Easter is coming our way. Think bitter cold, wind whippy hurricane force winds. Enjoy home.

Jaye Wells said...

I'm newer to the blog, but my vote is Dallas. Of course, Houston is only 4 hours away.

Kimber An said...

Anchorage, Alaska. We have a huge Barnes & Noble and Borders, and moose!

Glad you got home safe.

Carolyn said...

If you ever make your way to the DFW area, I'll come see you. Of course, I think it's much better up here than it is in Houston...

I envy you getting to meet Mindy! Great pic!


Diantha said...

To Therese and M.G.,

I live in the middle of nowhere, just north, south, east and west of a whole bunch of cornfields! M.G. might not recognize where I am, but it should ring a bell with Therese - I'm in Macomb.

Both the Quad Cities and Peoria serve as my mini-metropolitan meccas. I go to one or the other when I'm in need of things beyond what I can find at the local Walmart or Farm King. Both the QC and Peoria are about an 1 1/4 drive. Chicago (depending on where in the metro area) and St. Louis are about 3 1/2 hour drives.

My little community has its own charms - think Norman Rockwell does the Midwest - and I love my 5 minute commute (lots more time in the day for things like writing), but it's also a little remote. The nearest big box type bookstore is 84 miles away.

Thank goodness for the internet for a whole lot of reasons. I don't think I could've lived here in pre-internet days.


ORION said...

Kimber An...Kimber An...I did not PURPOSEFULLY forget Alaska.
Honestly. I wrote a haiku just for you.


Gay said...

San Diego. It's much nicer than that city that's north of us (we try to avoid it, but for you, well... only if you promised an autographed copy). (Not San Fran, Martha--the OTHER city).


Stephen Parrish said...

Come to Eckenroth, Germany. The population's only 100, there's no bookstore, and no one speaks English, but I promise you good Bratwurst and exquisite company.

Robin L. said...

Definately, Seattle!!! We have some fabulous bookstores and lots of coffee. :)

Bernita said...

A truly charming photo!
I doubt if Toronto would ever count.

ChumleyK said...

I vote for Japan!! Okinawa, Japan! Of course, there isn't a very big English speaking audience here, but we'll get you some sushi and I'm sure the military folks will be happy to read something besides the DaVinci Code. And we have fish here. There are supposedly some really good diving places!

Pisarz said...


Kimber An said...

Cute haiku, Pat. If you want to avoid the tourist rush and winter, I suggest May or September.

adrienne said...

Enough is enough! Where's Canada in all this? Surely Holly and I deserve the benefit of your presence! So you just must come to Toronto. I mean if you are going through New York state anyway . . .

ORION said...

OK. Let me see here.

San Fran/LA/San Diego
Dallas/ Houston
TORONTO (feel better Bernita and Adrienne?)
WHERE in Connecticut? And how many friends can you bring??????
All my blogging buddies are going to be required to bring mass quantities of friends so Pat is not humiliated!!!!
Also original songs and a wave rendition would be nice...

ORION said...

I will consider Alaska in September.
I have been told via email that I MUST go to Vancouver BC (and if I go there I HAVE to go to Victoria as I ADORE doing tea at the empress)
Of course I will visit Holly in Calgary!
And notice I DID add Toronto.

Holly Kennedy said...

Yes, please, add Calgary to your list, goof! I'd be super offended if you didn't stop in here.

ANNE -- I don't know how to email you offline, but you said you'd emailed Pat, so Pat can you pls connect with Anne and tell her to check my blog?

My reading for THE PENNY TREE in Chicago is MOnday, April 23rd. Anne, you'd asked about it in the comments trail on an earlier blog post. Sure would love to have you come out!!

Zany Mom said...

Well, Connecticut is so small it probably doesn't matter where. Hartford is centrally located. Though I've heard good things about an independent bookseller in Madison, CT. R.J. Julia.

L.C.McCabe said...


That's a great picture. As for ideas of stops in the book tour:

Sonoma County, California

We are north of the Golden Gate bridge. Deep in the heart of the wine country, just west of the Continental Divide (otherwise known as a mountain chain that separates Napa and Sonoma counties. Yes, there is an intense rivalry!).

Getting down to San Francisco is a big deal for me, but if you can't make it all the way to Sonoma County - there's always Book Passage in Corte Madera in Marin County. They have author signings every night of the week. Which is incredible and it will also mean that you'll be competing with them for audiences. You might not have that same problem if you were to come to Sonoma County where signings are more of a weekly occurrence rather than daily.

Please keep up apprised of all the updates as they happen in the birthing of this book!


h-c said...

Hi Pat,

Longtime Lurker here! Next time you come to NYC, stop in Brooklyn. There's great book stores here, and gardens.

I'll buy you a Brooklyn egg cream.

ORION said...

egg cream???
you mean I missed eating something good in NY???
What the heck is an egg cream?

Loreth Anne White said...

Come and see the futute home of the 2010 Winter Olympics :) Whistler, British Coulmbia has awesome skiing, and a pretty balmy climate compared to the rest of Canada's winter. And summer hiking and biking is fabulous in the mountains :) ... plus Vancouver is only two hours down a twisty road. You could sail there!!

PS-- I guarantee you will see bears.

Loreth Anne White said...

It would help if I could spell ... 'future' ... not 'futute', although it sounds ... cute :)

writtenwyrdd said...

If you ever make it up to Maine (not the coast, but waaaaay up North) come see me. Too bad I don't still live in San Francisco, there appear to be a number of bloggers I'd like to meet there!

Miss Snark said...

Connecticut has a great bookstore in Greenwich which has the advantage of being 40 minutes by train from the 212. (Just Books)

I myself have actually been tempted to look at a map to see if it's survivable

ORION said...

Connecticut huh. That would be cool (literally if I went in the winter).
I will consider this seriously.
Kim S?
Zany mom?
Will you come and bring friends?

Kiskadee said...

Another vote for Germany, and/or England!

Demon Hunter said...

South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia...