Saturday, March 03, 2007


I almost missed him. I was turning over rocks and looking for shrimp or other exotic creatures. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. He was casually sliding to the side attempting to escape like a guilty shoplifter at a five and dime.
I snapped the photo and tried to identify him.
I thought his name should be flamboyant and dramatic.
Extreme and unique.
But it wasn't.
His name is pretty much what he is:
The Hawaiian Spotted Flatworm.

77 degrees and 9:30 pm.

My WEBSITE is up!!!!!

The URL is It will be an evolving work in process. It takes some time to load but will give readers a glimpse into where I come from and what provokes me to write.
Whenever I read a book that affects me deeply I am driven to go online and look up the author. I am always disappointed when there is no website, no information and when I am unable to find out anything about the writer.
Why do I have this compulsion to understand the creator of a book that entrances me? I find I am fascinated to read about why an author wrote a particular book. What he or she was thinking and the journey they endured to produce the novel.
I must be a sort of literary voyeur.
But I am not alone. Many of you have the same compulsion.
I wonder.


M. G. Tarquini said...

Hmmm...what was he or she thinking...

Naw. Ain't touching that one.

Kimber An said...

I think I'm fascinated by the author for the same reason I write stories in the first place - a fascination with human nature. Why do humans do the things they do? I always want to know the story behind the story. Why did Tokien write LOTR? What inspired him? Why did Peter Jackson make the movie version? How did he and two other people translate such a complicated novel into those movies? I think it's the storyteller's version of the age-old question 'How does it work?'

Kimber An said...

Here's an idea: Everyone go to your own blogs and write your story behind your story. I just wrote mine.

By the way, great website, Pat!

Holly Kennedy said...

I'm always intrigued by who the author is when I read something that affects me. I read their acknowledgements page, hoping to get a taste for why they wrote it, and I don't hesitate to email and tell them it was great!

For me, each story begins with a germ, a tiny pea-sized fascination about something that won't let go, and it grows from there.

With The Tin Box, the story began when I met an incredible young man with Proteus Syndrome. With The Penny Tree, it started when I saw an anonymous ad in a tiny regional paper -- an old man in his 80s looking for some woman he'd met years ago. And when it comes to the one I'm working on now, which was just OFFICIALLY re-titled The Silver Compass this week (marketing is already working on the cover -- gulp), it began when I read a story about a young girl jumping off a bridge.

ORION said...

Several of my novels have been dreams that I had. I woke up and wrote the first, middle, and last chapter right then. Others have been ideas which were taken over by the characters.
kimber an that is one of the first questions my editor and agent asked me. I made it into a letter to the reader and it will be on my website probably next month.

Katie said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say "flatworm" is a pretty exotic title. No one expects a worm to be flat. ;-)

I like Kimber's idea.

Congratulations on your website!

Sam said...

Google ate my post!!!!
And it was deep - real deep.
Anyhow -
Love the new website - sunny and warm - just like you, Pat!
And I have no compulsion to find out the 'WHY' behind the book. That is exists is enough for me.

AhvaRahn said...

And the reality is that we have only had the ability at our fingertips to search for the author on-line for much less than ten years (It’s ironic that I should do a quick google before stating that fact). I have become cyber-addicted for similar searches, for all sorts of other information, and probably have the I.P. address that is the most frequent to loiter on

Congratulations, and good luck with the book – I know now where you are for further information on the author.

Lisa, Amy, Hannah & Lynne said...

Great post, Pat, congratulations on your website.

I ALWAYS google the author, though my friend just introduced me to, and dare I say it's better. In fact, I wrote an op-ed about contacting Carolyn See, author of Making a Literary Life. In that book, she recommends writers send "charming notes" to their favorite authors. It's wonderful advice; I've met the most lovely writers that way. Do you know a writer who doesn't enjoy a compliment from a trusted reader?

Pat, I look forward to sending you a charmingnote once your book once I've read it.


Michelle Zink said...

Congratulations on the website, Pat!

Everything's coming together...

I almost always check author's website. I love to read about their past, how they came to write, the obstacles they faced seeing their dream fulfilled, and of course, where they get their ideas.

It's also a reminder that writers, even well known ones, are people like us who started exactly the same way (give or take a few details); they had a story and they told it.

See? We're not so different after all.

Heidi the Hick said...

A good book stirs up admiration in me. And curiosity.

Also, we don't REALLY get to know an author through a work of fiction. But the novel has been read, and we want more!!!!

Plus checking a website means less dusting and dishwashing. Ha ha!

I will check out your site after my long cold dog walk!!

Bernita said...

Maybe for clues, for encouragement, for context.

Maprilynne said...

Yea for the nifty website!! It is SO you!


Therese said...

I love the basketweave background--very natural and warm!

Yep, I'm another who checks out author sites. I like to get a feel for who's doing the writing I admire. To gain a bigger sense of community. To understand better what makes some of us decide to be authors.

ORION said...

Yeah I love my Lauhala background too but it is hard to load for some machines so I may have to eventually re think!
I LOVE Kaha's petroglyph at the bottom of the pages.

ChumleyK said...

Your website looks fantastic!!

LadyBronco said...

I love, love, LOVE the background of your website!

On the compulsion to write. My WiP started out as dream, and began to slowly creep it's way into my conscious thoughts after I tried to ignore it for quite some time.

To this day, I have no idea where the thought originated, exactly, but I am extremely glad I chose to see where it led.

Did I mention I love the background on your website?

Just checking. :0)

Lori S said...

I love the way your mind works! A "literary voyeur", and the flatworm casually sliding away like a shoplifter at a five and dime. Too fun!
I first learned of you and your novel (congrats!) when I visited Susan Wiggs' blog. Looking forward to reading your book. Do you have a mailing list we can be on so that we receive a reminder when your book is in stores?

ORION said...

It is next request I am making to the great and wonderful web guru!
But yes I will have an official list.
If you look on my profile my author e-mail is listed - if you send an e-mail there I will respond and you will be added to my list that way if you wish.
Everybody-Thanks for the nice comments on the site.

Demon Hunter said...

I love the website. I just read your About section when I should be working. Daytime jobs suck when all you want to do is write for a living. You have lead a very interesting life. Someday, someone will convince me to get on a boat. I got on one once for a dinner cruise. We were on a small lake, so I didn't freak out.
Cannot wait to see more of your stories come to life!