Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I couldn't decide which photo to use to demonstrate today's concept. It took a while.
I struggled.
Underwater? Horses? Cats?
I don't like to admit ignorance. I like to feign competence. Intelligence. Even when I don't know what I'm talking about.
Isn't that just like a writer?
So how is a fledgling albatross like this?
Like me.
Like all of us?

73 degrees and 6:30 am.
I see writers in a hurry. I am in a hurry, or at least I was.Strike that. Still am thank you very much!
First I was in a hurry to write my book. I sat in the salon of ORION madly typing away convinced someone somewhere had my exact same idea or a nefarious agent or editor would steal my pages. To protect myself I even sent in my money and got a copyright. Wasn't I smart?
Rush. Rush. Hurry.
Query! Quick! As many as you can. The rejections came flying back twice as fast as I could mail out my missives.
"I would like to show you my novel..."
"For your consideration..."
"Come ON!!!!!Be my agent!!!!PLEASE??????"
There must be more to this than I thought.
I re-worked novel number one and started novel two.
I attended MAUI WRITERS RETREAT & CONFERENCE where I met HOLLY KENNEDY. I was anxious. Driven. I KNEW things were happening. Just not to me. Holly gave out the best advice I have ever heard. SLOW DOWN. TAKE YOUR TIME. RELAX.
It was echoed by every author I met.
Take the time to be a good writer and write.
Write a lot.
And then write more.
Fast forward...Novel three...four...representation...revision...tweaking...final product --
LOTTERY -- Sent out on submission... Bought by Putnam!
TA DA!!!
So when will it be released?
August 2, 2007.
What's the time line?
December 6, 2006 -- Putnam won the auction for LOTTERY
December 7, 2006 -- Discussion with editor
December 13 -- Lottery sold to Netherlands, Italy
December 15 -- Lottery sold to UK
December 22 -- editorial letter received
December 26 -- Hard copy of edits received
Pat does not remember anything about this holiday season.
January 2 -- edited manuscript sent back electronically
January 3 -- LOTTERY sold to Israel.
January 3 Deal posted in Publishers Weekly
January 18 -- second editorial letter received
January 18 -- Lottery sold to Sweden, Finland, Taiwan
January 22 -- Edited manuscript sent electronically NOTE: This is called D&A. The manuscript was delivered and accepted.
Why is this important?
Because it means an additional portion of the ADVANCE is due the author.
February 12- Lottery sold to Korea
February 13- Uncorrected bound galley sent to authors for blurbs and reviewers
February 16 - Lottery sold to Russia
February 22 -- Hard copyedited manuscript arrives and checked obsessively by author
NOTE: Corrections also have to be made on the Authors electronic copy
February 23 -- copy edited manuscript sent back to Putnam.
February 26 -- First contract arrives to be signed. NOTE: No money has been received by the author to date.
March 2 -- More contracts arrive to be signed. NOTE: No money has been received by the author yet.
March 5 -- Communication from agent: Putnam contracts are fed exed.
March 6-
Kristy Kiernans book CATCHING GENIUS is released and Kristy emails Pat. Pat is happy for Kristy but she is GREEN with envy.
Pat wants LOTTERY out NOW!
Pat is like the fledgling albatross.
Ready to fly. But needs more feathers.
Needs better wind updraft. Needs luck to escape the sharks.
Needs time.
Needs much more time.
149 days and counting.


Holly Kennedy said...

Whew. I'm tired just READING your post, Patricia! Now... stretch your neck, get all zen-like, and take some slow, deep breaths. If you write well in a hurry, just think how you could KILL EM if you could slow down a few notches and enjoy the trip. Top of the NYT list with every book, every time?? It IS a possibility.
P.S. Maybe cut back on the coffee, too, goof!!!

sam said...

LOL - now that's passion!

Can't say I blame you - I love instant gratification as much as the next person. My husband (the alien) says "Slow down! Waiting is half the pleasure," he says.
(He's right, you know!)

Reverend Sumangali Tania Pink said...


I want instant gratification. NOW!


Heidi the Hick said...

Oh Pat, I am so impatient!!!

Thank you for sharing that timeline and counting your impatient frustrations!!

My 4th novel is on a shelf percolating. I have to walk away for a time and there's a note on my calendar as to when I can look at it again. I keep thinking about it and wanting to open it back up but I'm forcing myself to wait!

You know how you're on deck at a horse show and your poor little horse feels your nervousness and he's mouthing at the bit, and you can see the foam gathering at the corners of his mouth?


ORION said...

On deck!
Words I know well!

Kim Stagliano said...

Writing is like living in one of those Escher prints. The stairs keep climbing up and up and up no matter how you look at the picture!

Maprilynne said...

You already know how I feel about this.;)


Gay said...

I ride dressage:

Thou shalt ride at 2:37, not 2:36 nor 2:38--but 2:37. It makes life less stressful. :wink:

But thanks for the reality check on the writing. I needed that... as I try to be patient with my characters who keep coming up with new and different ideas with regard to the plot. "Stranger than Fiction" was an autobiography, I am 100% convinced!

Anissa said...

I struggle with impatience in all aspects of life, but am getting better. I've come to the conclusion that I must enjoy the ride. Otherwise, life passes by while waiting for something else to happen. It is a constant battle.

I have hit a sort of zen-like place in my writing. Here's hoping I can stay there.

Thanks for sharing.

Therese said...

Yeah, um...I know it *feels* like you can squeeze more time out of the day by using massive doses of caffeine... :-)

But I totally identify with the compulsive obsessiveness.

I know you'll celebrate that first check not only for its relevance but also for how much work you've put in since the date of first sale!

The Writers' Group said...

Pat, enjoy stretching your wings before you soar. Thanks for sharing, this was fun to read.

Michelle Zink said...

This is SO me!

I've had to become really philosophical about the waiting I've been doing these past few months working on revisions.

I believe life sends you the lessons you need, and I know I've needed this one.

It's taught me that sometimes it really IS better just to let things take their natural course. They usually turn out better that way anyhow!

But... doesn't the compulsiveness gene go hand-in-hand with the writing gene?

I thought that was a given!

Demon Hunter said...

Thanks for sharing this! Wow, I did not realize it took that long to get a first check. I want immediate gratification as well, but I have a good ways to go.

Kristy said...

Hahaha! Pat, I can assure you that although it FEELS like forever, it really does eventually get here :D Time does not slow down, time does not speed up. Time marches on at the exact same pace as it always has, as it always will. The only thing that changes is our frustration with it, and that does nothing to affect time, only our sanity.

Hang in there, it'll get here, and when it does we'll al be cheering for you!

M. G. Tarquini said...

Platinum, Patricia. Mark my words, okay?

Freaking platinum.

Vicky Dove said...

Oi. I envy you're stick-to-it-ness. I'd consider myself lucky if I could finsih ONE novel. Can't wait for Lottery to come out, it sounds like a good read.

Victoria Dove

ORION said...

I really think it helps to have others echo what we are feeling ourselves.
It's comforting.
Allows us to realize that we aren't alone.

writtenwyrdd said...

It also allows us to feel smart, inciteful and cool *winks* which we all need.

word veri: pgtgojog, sort of like Pat, Go Jog...