Tuesday, March 20, 2007


White anemones. A passel of them. A pod. A gaggle. A herd.
Head 'em up.
Move 'em out.
How do you tell them apart? They all look alike.
Does it matter?
It does to the anemone.
Don't you think?

8:30 pm and 77 degrees.
It's official. I am going to New York in 17 days.
I have been having conversations with marketing, with publicists, with blurbers. I am in continual expectation of my ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) with the real live cover on them!
And my name on the front.
And the name of my book.
My head has been spinning and all extraneous information is now dripping out my ears.
How to run my dust buster.
How to make dinner.
How to make sure there is gas in my car.
My husband is not amused.
I do not know where I am staying in New York -- yet. I'm flying in for meetings for three days and then turning around and flying right back to Honolulu.
Hopefully I can blog when I am there. That would be good fun.
I have never been to New York.
I have passed through but never stayed in Manhattan.
How exciting is that on a scale of one to three hundred and twenty seven?
I think it rates at least a twenty-six.
So I had this blog all ready to post -- and then didn't.
Ah well.
It is now 6:30 am the next day and 72 degrees.
But that is good because I have something else to say.
A suggestion for those of you preparing to query. Besides the hook. The synopsis.
Oh yes.
And the actual completed novel. There is one more thing editors (or agents) may ask you for.
The answer to this question.
"Why did you write your novel?"
In a letter form.
So you better think about that.
And you know?
Many times the answer to that questions allows you to go back and create a difference in your manuscript.
May even make you stand out from all those other white anemones in the slush pile of a publisher.
To show your story is unique.
One of a kind.
Make you different from all the rest.


Holly Kennedy said...

Have a blast in New York, Pat.
I've loved every trip I've made ever there.

You'll feel 100% comfortable cuz there are passels and pods and gaggles and herds of people everywhere, at all hours of the day and night (just don't walk down the street staring UP at all the buildings). :)

ORION said...

OK I'm starting my list.
1. Don't look up.
What's next?

Kim Stagliano said...

Remember: "New York New York what a wonderful town! The Bronx is UP and the Battery's DOWN!" and you'll be A-OK. No sandals. Dark clothes. Don't make eye contact with the pan handlers. No jaywalking. Enjoy the energy and passion and rhythm that is pure NYC. I love the place.

ORION said...

No sandals...no sandals...no sandals...

Maprilynne said...

"My husband is not amused."

*haha* But *I* am!!!

Oh man, Pat, my heart j\started beating faster for you! This is all so wonderful and exciting! I am positively thrilled for you!!

However, since you have been posting such glorious weather, remember, *It's cold in New York!!* So bring a coat. And a hat. Cuz hats are fun.:)

(And I don't mean those wide-brimmed straw things you can get away with in Hawaii, I mean a cute little warm hat.:))

Most importantly though, have a good time and bask in the fabulousness of you!!:)


P.S. Kim, when I was little I used to watch that show and never could figure out that that word was "Bronx." All I ever heard was "box," and I never figured out what the hell it was supposed to mean. So you have cleared up a twenty-year long confusion for me.:)

ORION said...

hat...no sandals...hat...no sandals...don't make eye contact...don't jaywalk...

Demon Hunter said...

I love New York! The first time I went, I was 10. It's great. Everything is great! Make sure you eat in little Italy. The cheesecake is to die for! I am sooo happy for you! Have fun and enjoy!