Friday, January 05, 2007

The Next Step

These clever creatures blend in successfully with their ocean environment yet when found, display a beauty that sets them apart.

6:30 am and 74 degrees.
My heartfelt thank you to all of you who extended their congratulations.
I am simply overwhelmed.
The outpouring of good wishes stunned me.
But really?
I am not surprised.
The writing community has that tendency to cheer when one of its members finds success.
Not like the crabs in the bucket who pull their escaping neighbors back down into fatal captivity.
So what's the next step you ask?
Let's review.
Querying (rejection/acceptance)
Revision (tweaking) for agent.
Revision (tweaking) for editor.
Wrote detailed CV (resume) and author bio. and synopsis of book.
Answered lots of questions about why I wrote my book.
Wrote essay on why I wrote this book.
Started acknowledgments page.
Wrote dedication page.
Read and LOVED catalogue copy.
Set up website with dutiful son until 2 am.
Re do blog twice so the colors do not clash with website!
Send links to website so that agent and editor can peruse and give feedback.
Work on editing book 2.
Add to work in progress.
Vow to not waste so much time online.
Drink coffee.
Lot an lots of coffee.


Anonymous said...

I've been drinking tons of coffee too - just because it's raining out and there's nothing else to do. The kids are still on vacation (there were 4 of them here today - and one sprained her ankle, lol) so any idea of doing any sort of work is out of the question, lol. So I sit and drink coffee!
OH, and Where is the Website???

Anonymous said...

Very cool...keep up the great work!

Zany Mom said...

When you come down from Cloud 9 a bunch of us wannabes are dying for all of the juicy details! :)

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people like those crabs in your bucket! Yes, it is nice to gather a group of cyber-writer friends around. Way to go, Girlfriend! I blogged about you today, by the way.

overdog said...

Hey Orion, congratulations from a fellow Snark-ite. This is great news! It sounds like a wonderful book, too, so keep us up-to-date.

Anonymous said...

I am so jazzed for you!

BTW...when do we get to see the website?

Cassandra Tiensivu said...

Most excellent! I've been looking for a step by step review of the publishing process, and here it is! Thank you for posting it!

ORION said...

Wow! Cassandra your website is totally awesome!
And your photography is amazing.

Cassandra Tiensivu said...

Thanks for the compliments, Pam!