Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bizarre Horse Photography

11 am and 79 degrees.
I have to make a decision and you guys need to help me out. Do I blog everyday or take weekends off? This is such a great start to my day but weekends get crazy. New York is quiet and I can sleep in. Not that I do. But I could...if I wanted to or if Tooloose was not Too hungry Too wait Too more hours Too be fed.
How do you like the bizarre horse. He looks like he's abused. He's not, but it is interesting how different things are when you look at them from other angles. Just like your work in progress.
Is it a romance?
A mystery?
A thriller?
Science fiction?
Does it have commercial appeal?
I find I have to look at my writing from more than one angle. With a different lens. Sometimes it is distorted. Like in a fun house mirror and other times it is a thing of beauty.
I have been asked about my path. How I got to this point. How long I have been writing and about my querying process. Is this of interest?
Do you want to know how I got here?
I will be giving you insight into my journey as a debut novelist. What do you want to know?
Give me your questions.
And I will answer in this blog.
As best I can.
So be my guest.
Ask away...


Kim Stagliano said...

HA! Connecticut hit 70 today AND we get NY Pizza.... Keep your perfect weather and your poi - At least for today! :)

Anonymous said...

I would say that if you need the weekend to unwind, then do it.
You can always blog on the weekend on occasion as the mood strikes.

Anonymous said...

Silly Baby Horse, sticking out his tongue. Hmm, maybe he's a shapeshifter?

ORION said...

Kimber an! That is not baby horse! Can't you tell?
It's Airborne.
Imitating baby horse.
With the tongue thing.

Zany Mom said...

Blog if you want, but take a day off if you need to. I find I don't always have something to say (not that I have a huge following, anyhow). Sometimes I'm just lazy. Sometimes I'm cleaning in anticipation of the arrival of realtors and potential home buyers.

Airborne is cute!

Zany, in CT, waving to Kim ::waves::

Cassandra Tiensivu said...

I tried to blog every day. Being a mom, things don't usually happen the way I plan them.

I'd say blog when you can, with no obligation to be here every day. Don't feel you must "make an appearance". We should just appreciate it when you do have the time to answer our questions.

Speaking of which... I have some questions!

When did you begin revising your original manuscript? Was it before or after sending out query letters? Did you do it yourself or did you hire an established editor?

Anonymous said...

It's seventy here too - and I'm going through the house like a tornado in a fit of spring cleaning. It won't last...LOL.
I can't blog every day - sometimes I only sit down for a half an hour and check out other blogs, the news, and then get up and do something else.
I should be writing, but I'm still in vacation mode.
Terible, I know.
How do you motivate yourself?


Anonymous said...

Not Baby Horse??? :O I am so ashamed. But, but, he's sticking his tongue out!

As for questions, when I was Weeding & Polishing 'Star Captains' Daughter,' I had a booger of a time figuring out what genre and subgenre it belonged to so that I could research agents and publishers accordingly. It originated as Young Adult, but Sci-Fi is practically non-existant in YA right now. So, I concentrated on the adult relationship in SCD instead. Found out about Futuristic Romance and let it morph into that. That subgenre is much hotter right now. Did you have any similar troubles and how did you figure them out?

Bernita said...

Futuristic romance?
Maybe that's the answer.
~runs to search engine~