Friday, December 29, 2006

Yeah! I Passed!

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!


Zany Mom said...

I passed, too, with 8/8. What I loved were the misspellings. What is the charge of a neuron? Don't know, but I'm asking a neurologist. I think they meant 'neutron.'

One reason I always hated tests: Vaguely worded questions you could interpret in several ways (and each way had an answer!) or misspellings that would throw you, etc.

Which is why I think most tests are a waste of time....but I digress. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had the same thought about the neuron/neutron thing.

Hey Pat, I hope you don't mind me asking a completely off topic question in your comments, but I just found out today while browsing that you worked on revisions with your agent for about four months. I was just wondering how many revisions you ended up going through. (Always interested in situations like my own.:))



ORION said...

No problem at all-
My agent signed me at the end of july and then started the second read (the first read was to sign me and that took 2 1/2 weeks) The second read took her about a month and she gave me a phone call and email that generally described the changes that she thought would make the book better.
Non of this was in any way revisions. It would be considered tweaking i.e. a character was flat or stereotypical and maybe someone's motivations were not clear. No real major plot changes.
Then she did another read and gave it to her assistant also. They wrote another detailed editorial letter and I tweaked more. (from early october to two weeks before thanksgiving. I let it sit for a week and then sent it off. She read it right away and got it ready for submission the Monday after Thanksgiving. It went out on a tuesday and by wednesday morning we had editors that wanted it. It went to auction the following week and sold.
The details of the deal will be in Publishers weekly the first week of January and then in Publishers marketplace.
I cannot be talking about specifics (title/synopsis etc) until it is posted. After that I will spill my guts to you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I got 7 out of 8, lol - have no idea where I went wrong. Neuron or neutron - I sort of wondered about that myself!
As for agent revisions, I went through two. She had me rewrite it, then told me she preferred it the way it had been so I put it all back (note to writers - save ALL your versions, lol)
My daughter does cross country and show jumping. She's mad about horses.
Oh, and I put my Alexader series up on Lulu for whoever is interested:
It's a Fun series, honest.

Anonymous said...

Passed. Phew! I blew the neuron question also wondering if they meant neutron. I assumed no and guessed.

Thank you Mr. Raila, 8th grade scient teacher, MercyMount Country Day School, Cumberland RI, 1978!

Kim S