Friday, December 29, 2006

Shades Of Gray (Grey)

6 am and 74 degrees.
The wind was blowing so hard yesterday we sailed in the slip, bouncing and heeling.
A change from sill waters and silent oppressing heat.
Always rainbows here.
A blustery storm that dumps water through my hatches ends with a rainbow.
At the risk of being labeled a Pollyanna or an Ann Frank.
Which is not to say they are out dated.
Or wrong.
They are right.
Very right.
They see the glass as half full.
They see some good in bad.
They see strands of light in inky darkness.
I do not believe in absolutes.
I never have.
I was struck years ago by Queen Elizabeth saying she had an "Annus horribilis."
A regal way of saying a shitty year attributed to the antics of her family.
I guess it's your perspective.
I had food to eat. People who love me. I wrote a book.
I lost a mother.
Life happened.
I think I prefer to have an embracing view.
One that includes the tough with the soft.
I will call my 2006:
Annus Milabilis
year of wonder.

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Anonymous said...

Shade of Grey! Ha! That's the name of my husband's website.:)